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Posted by on Jun 27, 2006 | 0 comments

It’s a Beautiful Thing…Natural Perfumes

Growing up in the Aaron Spelling heydays of the 80’s (a respectful ‘gotta love him’ btw), everything was big. Big Hair, Big Makeup, Big Scents. Oh…remember the scents? Over-The-Top, fill-the-room from miles away types…

At the time they seemed like a good idea. When I started to realize there were mysterious ingredients in the mix, and most of the population reacted in a sneeze fit or immediate migrane, it was like – eh, not so much. So what’s a girl to do?

Solessence’s Atmosphere Aromatic Dry Spray is one answer.

Multi-Purpose Spray:

  • This super clean spray is a fast evaporating silica derivitive which serves to deposit the scent onto your skin. It provides a pleasant, silky-to-the-touch feel. It is a lovely touch to your wrists, midriff or hair.

But that isn’t all!

  • Atmosphere is non-staining, so you can use it on your linens and clothing to impart the Solessence signature scent of your choice. “I use the spray in my room for my sheets actually! I spray it just above my bed and the scent really hangs for a good amount of time “
  • Spritz into the air to refresh your environment in a clean and lovely way. It truly is a multi-use item.

Solid Perfume Option: Solessence’s SheaShea*XieXie Hand & Body Butter This combination of pure, unrefined/organic shea butter & oil serves to lock in moisture in a heavy duty way. The jars are small to keep stock fresh – each can last 6 months. A lovely scent is a benefit. Most of our customers also use this on their face to keep a beautiful glow. Apply a small amount as desires.

“I’ve gotten so many compliments on how soft and glistening my skin is when I use the scrub and the body butter. Both are great”

Soon-to-be-revealed: A lovely, natural oils and silica mix.

I love using these combinations and feel wonderful that I don’t have any qualms about my son being near them. I can go a whole routine with one signature scent, or mix and match. It is a pleasure to have people fawning over an aroma instead of sneezing.

Stay tuned! Stay clean!

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