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Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Nail Techs Don’t Need to Time Travel

Say no to the Wham-Bam-Thank-You Mani

Seth Godin touches on the sensitive topic of time today, something I’ve really been pondering.  Time management heavily impacts people in the beauty industry.  Everything seems to be scheduled around 30 minute increments, which is possible to hit often, but at what price? 

Improving the trains (Seth Godin)

While making the trains run on time is a good thing, making them run early is not.

If you define success as getting closer and closer to a mythical perfection, an agreed upon standard, it’s extremely difficult to become remarkable, particularly if the field is competitive. Can’t get rounder than round.

In general, purple cows live in fields where it’s possible to reinvent what people expect.

The thing is, a 30 minute service will never be a constant.  Life has interruptions, people have unexpected requests, the person who took your booking had no idea the special steps your client needed, and there are just days where everyone is running late.

I think the last line is key: It’s possible to reinvent what people expect. In the same way the nail industry took a swing from xxx time to “20 minutes for a full set” (yes, that was an actual expectation), it’s possible to get people to swing back to focus on what is important.  Important to keep excellence at the forefront of your service. 

I’m not saying we should opt for 3 hour services or be inconsiderate of schedules, absolutely not.  I’m saying watch the focus.  In/Out as fast as you can, but not at the expense of workmanship or communication.  You don’t need to hit 29 minute services consistently to keep everyone happy, but if you consistently focus on skill you’ll be able to perform well in reasonable amounts of time.  Allow yourself a little fun with clients, and a bit of wiggle room to be creative. 

If you are having trouble hitting an ideal time frame, identify people who are excited to go on the more leisurely ride with you. Take them. As your experience grows, you will naturally shorten the amount of time you need to do a service, but you’ve trained yourself to do it well.

Along the way, you’ll find your expectations can change also.  Clients that were open gave me a freedom to discover techniques, ways to troubleshoot, an ideal to strive for.  They aren’t expecting a quick trip in a time machine, they love the journey. But they’ve also helped me up my game for those that can’t wait.  My eye is on the prize is for experience, on becoming remarkable, with time for service a close runner-up.

Do you reinvent expectations for yourself or your client? What are other ways you can wow?

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The Nose Knows

This post is not for the delicate, but I feel it is a PSA.  Pink Pepper and other whooohaaa don’t belong in deodorant.  It and several other scents in the line were unique and catchy right out of the tube, but that shizz still has to be compatible with your chemistry.  Pretty like a perfume that turns on you before you can utter “dry down”.  After faithfully roadtesting several fragrances that had been given to me to trial, I have now figured out my deodorant was giving me BO. god made baby powder fragrance for a reason (and not only for pole dancers).

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Don’t Sweat the Technique: Glitter Nails using Shellac

Note: This post was written for publication 3/29 but then I got too busy preparing to leave town. A couple of days ago, a photo of a glitter toe I posted on Facebook 4/20/2010 – one year ago – suddenly got attention and I was asked how it was done. I had previously entertained doing a toe video but you should get the idea with the video I made for this post. If you don’t, let me know. And to go back to my intro on toes with glitter, it is here

Ah, glitter. Yesterday we looked at a beautiful layered design on Kimberley using Shellac.  As a stylist and image consultant, she pretty much has free reign to go bold.  What happens when you need a little discretion? Is it a life of nudes for you?

Not necessarily.  Depending on your profession, you may need to resort to closing your office doors and kicking off your heels to get feel a little freedom with toes that glitter.  Or, maybe you can push the border with a little fingernail bling.  You don’t need much to add a bit of excitement to your nail regimen – let me show you:

How to Glitter with Discretion

I had a chance to show off my glitter nails and technique during NY fashion week this year.  Glitter doesn’t have to be all about really loud nails – sometimes it’s just enough to switch things up a bit to keep from getting bored.  Enjoy the trend using Shellac, which doesn’t require an e-file to apply or remove. It’s fun to glitter with discretion.  The most mild form of this is using CND Shellac Strawberry Smoothie (as shown in the video) or Negligee.  I use just a bit of glitter at the tip and drag down only slightly.  Do not encapsulate the entire nail.  The choosen glitter must be fine and highly compliment.  Think monochromatic shades or with lights, keep translucent:


As you can see, this works from pale to hot pinks, taupes to bold Rock Royalty.  The key is in a small amount of glitter and making a right match with color.

One of my booties noticed my glitter toe from exactly a  year ago  today posted on my Facebook wall and asked about it.  Use the same technique, but place the glitter all over the nail. Seal with topcoat. 

As always, you cannot go wrong with Shellac because it doesn’t require an e-file for application or removal, and this should hold for up to 6 weeks.  I’ve been doing it for a year, switching over to Shellac as soon as it came out and my clients have gone all over the world with pretty glitter hands and toes. 

I had the chance to show off my glitter nails technique during NY Fashion Week, where I had a chance to work the subtle on Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference founder Jennine Tamm (The Coveted), a medium on HolierThanNow and full blown bling ahead on Lucky Magazine panel speaker Karla Sugar.  It works for all kind of women!


If you want to try a color fade, simply start your chosen color at the bottom and go as far up as you desire. Fill in with second color. 

Glitter Toes – These are very popular in my salon

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Spring Eyewear: Tortoise & Blonde

There’s a new kid in town: Fashionable lenses starting at $109

Tortoise and Blonde is a just launched online prescription eyewear site founded by an optomitrist at the helm and specifically geared toward “tastemakers” that value old-school quality, precision and customer service. 
The first collection, called Everyday, was created with the intention of providing multiple shades (one Today, One Tomorrow) for everyday use. 

There are a number of interesting looks and the site offers a lot of choices for customization. From frame type to lens thickness, it’s a dream come true for eyeglass wearers.  I didn’t find the Virtual Try On section to be functional yet, but there is plenty of info to sort through. Based out of New York.

Tortoise and Blonde
33 West 19th St., 4th floor
New York, NY 10011
PHONE: 877 553 3317
FAX: 347 695 1317

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What’s the Best Mascara for Rainy Days?

I get so tired of racoon eye, whether it is rainy or sunny.  It’s strange for an Asian to have lashes that are willing to curl, but it just means that I have to take note about them constantly being in contact with my upper/lower lid.  And that youthful skin that doesn’t age is due to lots of natural oil folks, so I end up looking like this if I don’t wear waterproof:

My old favorite, L’Oreal Voluminous, fights for space with COVERGIRL LashBlast.  The LastBlast usually wins because Voluminous gets better over time as it dries out, but LashBlast seems to hold curl and just make lashes more noticeable right out of the bottle.  Sure it’s got a clunky wand, weirdly shaped tube and formula that bulks up a bit, but it is a FREAK with the waterproofing and curl holding. My fav is the orange formula. Sold.

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