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Posted by on Oct 28, 2011 | 18 comments

RIP: Champion Nail Tech Competitor/Trainer Tom Holcomb Dead

If you’ve followed the nail competition circuit you’ll know that Tom Holcomb is considered one of the greats, the “Godfather” of nails.  He blazed through a trail of hundreds and hundreds of events with multiple impressive wins in his lifetime, and taught and inspired many to reach new levels of creativity in their work.

Just moments ago, Tom’s Facebook wall had a message from a relative:

We’re waiting word as no one seems to know exactly what has happened (it appears he died in his sleep, but the causes are unknown).  Holcomb was at the Nailympics this last weekend in Southern California.

Update from Jody:

On behave of Toms Mom and Dad, today is a very sad day for their family…Tom passed away today peacefully at home, as you all know, he was an Incrediable man…talents beyond words and a friend too so many..I know each and everyone of you have a story to tell of him touching your lives in many ways……Thank you all for your kind words…His family really appreciates all of them…
There will be a memorial for him, as soon as we know we will post all the information…Thanks again and God bless Tommy……………….

Tom Holcomb’s 26 year history brief:

  • World Champion 10x
  • World Cup 5x
  • More than 500 nail competitions
  • Founder and educator for many different products (EZ Flow, Entity) and innovations in the nail industry


The worldwide outpouring of shock, then respect and love, has been incredibly touching.  While the funeral will be private, the family is planning a public celebration to be held in Riverside, California on December12th.  This would have been Tom’s 45 birthday.  Please check back for more information on the event, donations/flowers, and a website that will be created.

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