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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 |

CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish Swatches

Vinylux by CND, available to professionals, is the latest release in new, longer lasting nail polish

After discontinuing their Colours & Effects nail polish line, CND had to make a comeback with something special.  The new Vinylux line does this with highly pigmented color, longer lasting wear, and a faster drying top coat.

Thirty of the 62 colors also match the Shellac line, which will be a boon to resale for extended wear users.

The colors officially launch May 1st in the US, after having been released first in New Zealand and the UK.

I have a small sampling, but from the colors I saw (not all were in yet) the matches were pretty impressive. The one dud?  Tropix, which is much creamier and pinker than the Shellac version.  A pretty color, but not a match.

A mini intro kit of “Summer Brights” contains matches for the four newest releases for Shellac (Grape Gum, Water Park, Pink Bikini, Lobster Roll & Top Coat).

Suggested Use:

Vinylux is said to be the perfect product for the fashionista that needs to change out polish on a weekly basis.

  • NO base coat required = faster service
  • Self adhering formulation that continues to cure in the sun (natural UV lighting)
  • Top coat said to be specific to Vinylux cures in under 10 minutes

CND uses their polish line to create looks for designers at Fashion Week, so it’s imperative the colors dry quickly and look rich.  The polish is smooth, and seems to dry at the same speed as Colours & Effects.  I think this is fine, because any faster and you start getting into competition polishing 😉 and that isn’t a pace everyone can keep up with.

I’m currently having Vinylux testing out on some hands, and will get back with you on wear. I will also update with colors released.

Have you seen/tried the new weekly polish from CND?

Locket Love

Night Glimmer


Rock Royalty

Dark Dahlia

Bicycle Yellow

Electric Orange

Gilded Pleasure

(Similar to Chanel Peridot or Orly duochrome)

Daring Escape

Purple Purple

Pink Bikini

Water Park

Lobster Roll

Grape Gum

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