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Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 | 26 comments

CND Shellac – spring 2012 color swatches

These Six new CND Shellac colors to hit shelves March 2012

Behold, the 6 new colors from CND Shellac: Dark Lava, Rubble, Cityscape, Silver Chrome, Silver VIP Status, Gold VIP Status These are all indoor swatches I took just to get you the scoop.  I’ll be getting outdoor shots too.  What do you think of them?  The colors are going on sale in March so get your PRE-ORDERS to your distributors now!

Dark Lava

Gorgeous, jewel-toned black wine



Dove Gray

Silver Chrome

The Effects – Silver VIP Status & Gold VIP Status

Ok, so it technically isn’t an Effect (that’s reserved for the lacquer line) but it serves in the same vein.  These lovelies give a wash of glimmer over color.

Silver VIP Status

Silver VIP Status over Cityscape

I NEED to get a better photo of this one.  When we were asked for fantasy Shellac colors, one of mine was the spectacular gray called Miss Wu from the Jason Wu collection done with CND.  It’s this cool and dreamy gray with a chic pearlization to it.  By applying Silver VIP Status over Cityscape, you can achieve a very similar look.  Without, you get a great cream.  It’s fabulous to have options.

Gold VIP Status over Rubble

Again, a sleek wash that just give a perk to the color.  Can be used all over or in art.  Try it in art!

That’s it for now.  I’ll be getting more photos together for you. Any other questions or requests on the product ask away.

Fashion Week is coming up and I’ll be detailing looks for you.  For on-the-go reporting I’d love if you would “Like” my Solessence Facebook page to keep up while I’m away!  Detailed how-tos will be posted to the blog after my return (and also closer to actual season as is my norm).

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