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Posted by on Sep 14, 2007 | 0 comments

Did you watch?! Deal of the Century!

I don’t think any of us ever envisioned Solessence featured on a game show, but how cool was that? For those of you just checking in, ‘Temptation‘, a brand new game show by the creators of American Idol and a remake of the popular 80’s ‘Sale of the Century’, creates tension for players by offering great deals along the play to the ulitmate prize. The show features a green section, and Solessence is nestled in ‘Earth Friendly‘ with Gaiam and Seventh Generation, and also under ‘Beauty’. Ultimately, contestants can win the grand prize of a car for a fraction of the real world price (like Mark, who scored the yes, green Prius for $800+ some change), or they can pick up goodies along the way and still try to strategically win. Will you slip up and blow the bank before you score? Will winner take all? You have to tune in to watch.

Audience members and home viewers also get a cut of the action, with luxury items offered for sale at the same types of discounts before commercial break. Solessence was the first product up. We’ve taken this shot from the Temptation gameshow website. Attempts to mimic Perez Hilton’s signature airbrushing to bring attention to our Really Lovely collection on the right went unappreciated, but we trust you’ll be able to spot the set. We don’t know how long these are offered for, but we can’t believe the pricing on these items. AND, it is always free shipping. That is truly a shopper’s paradise. Thanks to everyone who selected our products for the game show, and thanks to those of you placing orders.

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