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Did you watch?! Deal of the Century!

I don’t think any of us ever envisioned Solessence featured on a game show, but how cool was that? For those of you just checking in, ‘Temptation‘, a brand new game show by the creators of American Idol and a remake of the popular 80’s ‘Sale of the Century’, creates tension for players by offering great deals along the play to the ulitmate prize. The show features a green section, and Solessence is nestled in ‘Earth Friendly‘ with Gaiam and Seventh Generation, and also under ‘Beauty’. Ultimately, contestants can win the grand prize of a car for a fraction of the real world price (like Mark, who scored the yes, green Prius for $800+ some change), or they can pick up goodies along the way and still try to strategically win. Will you slip up and blow the bank before you score? Will winner take all? You have to tune in to watch.

Audience members and home viewers also get a cut of the action, with luxury items offered for sale at the same types of discounts before commercial break. Solessence was the first product up. We’ve taken this shot from the Temptation gameshow website. Attempts to mimic Perez Hilton’s signature airbrushing to bring attention to our Really Lovely collection on the right went unappreciated, but we trust you’ll be able to spot the set. We don’t know how long these are offered for, but we can’t believe the pricing on these items. AND, it is always free shipping. That is truly a shopper’s paradise. Thanks to everyone who selected our products for the game show, and thanks to those of you placing orders.

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The Hummingbird Project

A note from Hillary Fry:

Hello everyone –

Has the segue to Fall been safely made? The chill is in the air over here – we are feelin’ the thought of sweaters and a switch up of the whole hair, makeup and skin care routine! [photo right, you can see I am not excited about the return of the high waisted pants…or the crazy GoGo’s inspired headband!]

I don’t usually write a personally directed post, but I wanted to let everyone know about an important, wonderful project, taking place. Recently covered by Shannon Nelson at Beauty Pro, and dubbed Hummingbird Project, it is the first efforts of our newly initiated group, The Hummingbird Foundation.

The project revolves around a couple, James & Dorothy Sarjou, their efforts beyond what would have seemed possible in rural (with a capital R) South Africa, and how the Thembalethu Children’s Home they have created continue to change the face and influence thinking in the Kwazul-Natal District. Without any such intentions, their efforts have been revolutionary. Since 1984, nearly 60 orphaned/abandoned and special needs children have been housed, clothed, educated and loved under their guidance, every year. Their goal is to make enough room for 100. Children previously under their care have grown and returned to teach at Themalethu. Others have gone on to enter as medical assistants, caretakers and in general, been given the opportunity to be contributing citizens to society.

Now the Sarjous approach the Fall of their lives at 70, and the need is great to find a new hire to change hands of leadership. This isn’t as easy as switching up the wardrobe. There are a few challenges to this task, but we think the cause incredibly worthy. How do I personally know this? I’ve witnessed the metamorphasis. At 17 I had the privilege of helping build, brick by brick, the childrens home on the Sarjou’s donated farmland. I’ve met and played and fallen in love with the original group of children that were housed there that first winter. I was recently reunited, by phone at least, with the Sarjou’s daughter, who is in the US through the end of this year, working as an au pair. I know firsthand what their efforts and love have done to change a region and what hardships will take place if the home ceases to exist. But it isn’t enough to know. It is important to take action.

The goal is to raise $50,000 for a 3 year committment of a new hire. To raise funds, Solessence, in conjunction with celebrity make up artist, is offering a custom brush, serum and finishing mist set, kicking off with an exclusive limited edition with only 100 available. When released, the Serum & Brush set will then be available for $125. Twenty percent of profit from both sets will go to the Hummingbird Project/New Hire.

Looking for other ways to help?: A tax-deductible donation is easy! We have a PayPal account designated for the fund as well. You DO NOT need to have a Pay Pal account to give! PayPal makes this so easy. Simply follow the instructions on to ‘Send Money’, using email, and any funds you designate will be held for this project.

We’ll have updates on progress, as well as upcoming features from others involved.

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Getting Your Game On – Friday, September 14th, FOX network

This just in! We’ve just been notified that the Solessence Really Lovely Collection will be a featured gift for purchase on the brand new, FOX network game show, “Temptations” THIS FRIDAY. Here’s a little scoop on the show:

“Temptation”, the new “Sale of the Century” is an exciting, high-energy game show from the producers of “American Idol” and “The Price is Right”. “Temptation” combines two of America’s favorite pastimes–pop culture and shopping.

Hosted by popular television personality Rossi Morreale, “Temptation” features three contestants who earn shopping cash by answering questions about pop culture and current events. Along the way, players in the lead are enticed to spend some of their winnings on incredible bargains. But the player with the most shopping cash at the end of the game gets to go on the biggest shopping spree on TV! The goal is to get to Shoppers Paradise, a fantasy marketplace where the winning contestant may spend her Temptation dollars on luxury items at unprecedented discounts.

And for the first time in television history, “Temptation” viewers can get in on the action while watching their favorite game show…

Details are just coming in, but if you’ve ever wanted to try the Really Lovely (High Altitude French Lavender)collection, or need an excuse to stock up on a favorite, you will never see an opportunity to buy luxury items like this anywhere else. We will keep you posted!

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The crew over at, a cornerstone of beauty blogging, have spent years soaping up, scrubbing off, seruming, spritzing, balming and more, all in the name of beauty. So we are pleased to receive a second mention on their pages, this time for our organic shea and coconut milk scrubs. We love to hear it continues to please! Thank you!

September 11, 2007
Who Is In the Tub?
SOLESSENCE really makes a fabulous soft scrub for your showering delight. We featured a sudsy soap a few weeks ago and this one also uses only premium natural and organic oils. Sheshe XieXie Intense Creamed Sugar & Coconut Milk yields a soft but thorough body scrub. When you open the container, it’s like dipping your fingers into creamy sugar that is so aromatic, you have to make sure not to stick your whole face in there (spoken from experience!). Really Lovely is my scent pick made with high altitude Lavender from France and Bulgaria. Unrefined African Organic Shea butter and oil is the base and your skin will feel softer and smoother and pleased that there is nothing artificial in this one. No added color, paraben, or alcohol and these products are wheat free and Vegan. $18/12oz @ ~Lisa

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