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Posted by on Mar 30, 2010 in Uncategorized | 14 comments

Day Spa Magazine Features Waterless Manicure – April 2010

Yesterday was a crazy exciting and exhausting day at American Beauty Show in Chicago, Illinois.  I have so much product information to share with you! One of the highlights was stopping by the trade magazine booths, where the April issue of Day Spa Magazine was being given out. There, on page 14, is a feature on eco-friendly spa services, and my waterless manicure is given a big mention:
Thank you so much to Day Spa Magazine. I am so very pro organic and natural in beauty products and this is a wonderful issue for Earth Month full of natural ‘remedies’ done spa style.

Milwaukee/Mequon/Shorewood area: Make your appointment now for this waterless manicure online or call (414) 964-9311

This is a great treatment all around, especially if you have dehydrated nails.

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L’Oreal Puts Lockdown on Shu Uemura – Leaving US

L’Oreal USA, a 35% share owner of Shu Uemura since 2000, is shutting down all US locations for the premiere Japanese brand.


Shu Uemura is best known for the cult favorite eyelash curler (in 24k gold even), gorgeous assortment of false eyelashes, and lavish cleansing oils.

shu_cleansingoils_goldThe beauty industry has been hit especially hard during this economic downturn, and very high priced brands like Shu, as beloved as they are, are not weathering well. The company was known for ingenious and unusual use of ingredients, seemingly sparing no expense to add to the line. For their deep sea water, which is a claim to fame, Mr. Uemura had a special pipe drilled and fitted to bring up the liquids from a depth (nearly 3300 feet) which he felt would satisfy. The water is piped in to his exclusive Japanese spa as well.  This kind of product quality and care is difficult to sustain in down times.

shuuemura_eyelashesAs much as this announcement will strike fear into beautyphiles, I don’t think it will do much harm. Most Shu fans in the US have probably never been to a Shu store, and buy merely on reputation and word of mouth. Would it be nice to saunter up to a counter to experience items first hand? Of course. But unless L’Oreal is intending to kill brand competition here, there is a chance the Shu legacy can actually improve by using luxury marketing’s oldest trick: increased desirability through limited accessibility.

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Chicago Events, Neiman Marcus Wk March 21-31


coomibhasinMarch 25 & 26 Coomi Trunk Show and Personal Appearance
Meet Coomi Bhasin as she presents her jewelry collection featuring 20K gold and rose cut diamonds. Her signature style combines a feeling of ancient and modern, ornate yet delicate designs.
10 am to 4 pm
Precious Jewels Salon – First Floor
For more information, please call (312) 642-5900 ext. 4036

March 26 & 27 Cella Trunk Show and Personal Appearance
Cella’s collection of delicate, feminine, one-of-a-kind hand made designs use only 14kt to 22 kt gold and a variety of stones. Cella’s designs are widely featured in many magazines and she has a long list of celebrity admirers including Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Garner. She can also customize necklaces, bracelets and earrings based on the occasion and meet special sizing requirements.
10 am to 5 pm
Designer Jewelry – First Floor
For more information, please call (312) 642-5900 ext. 2417

March 27 Shoe To Do
Chicago stylist George Fuller emcees a spring fashion show featuring spring’s hottest trend in designer shoes. Enjoy refreshments and get the lowdown from a fashion expert on how to step out in style.
2 pm
Shoe Salon – Second Floor
For more information or to make a reservation, please call (312) 642-5900 ext. 4030

March 31 Kaufman Franco Trunk Show and Personal Appearance
Meet the darling designer duo of Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco as they present their Spring 2010 Collection.
11 am to 3 pm
Couture Salon – Second Floor
For more information, please call (312) 642-5900 ext. 2050

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Hair Trends: Celeb Stylist Hallie Bowman Predicts

bio-large-hallie1Hallie Bowman, Celebrity Stylist for Pantene, shares an inside look at what to expect.

“Last season, we saw a lot of conventional looks – super sleek, tamed texture, perfect twists and classic chignons. When I think spring, I think unexpected playfulness, so I’m excited that the hair trends I’m seeing are in sync with the essence of the season. Classic styles will go to the extreme or, as I like to think, depressed winter hair is finally ready to be exposed again, yet looks will still maintain a genuine romantic feel that reflects the positive mood of warmer weather.”

  • wildhairExpect to see classic looks, deconstructed. Everything from deeper, more oddly angled side parts to random messy strands off to the sides will be added to enhance those been-there-done-that styles.
  • textureMy term for a favorite trend I’m seeing – “Urban Romantic.” Hair is tightly pulled back in a pony with lots of wisps in front to frame the face. Instead of a completely sleeked-back method, adding texture can show off your personality. Crimp for attitude, wave for elegance or spiral for romance – style how you feel!
  • 42-15194400Lots of frizz will be in, frizzy curls included. Don’t bother repressing wild texture: embrace it, live it, love it. Free your frizz with intention and purpose, but don’t forget to polish your ends, try the Pantene Pro-V Smooth Serum, as you don’t want to lose total control.
  • sjp_madonna_bow_ss10Bows will be out in full force for spring, think huge 80’s-style Madonna bows. To counter an angelic sentiment bows usually portray, it’s time to be clever with your bow style. Disheveled, punky hair surrounding the bow gives a carefree, yet put-together look all at once.
  • bighairbangsBe prepared for the relapse of the thick, heavy eyelash touching bangs…it’s coming back.
  • CynthiaRowleyRW150loresThe most playful trend I’m seeing – especially with the younger crowd – touches of pastel colors in hair. Take a section of hair underneath your nape, bleach it a pastel color and, voila, it’s a hidden treasure! Ashy colors like lavender, blue and purple tones will be popular.
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You Need This: The Fuffy and The Sunflower

It’s always the little things that count, and when doing nails, it doesn’t get much smaller than nail dust. Filing leaves minuscule particles that float in the air as well as tuck into the sidewall/cuticle area.  An even greater issue is the often unspoken occupational hazard.  When filing nails, client’s arms are usually extended out and visits are every 3 weeks or more.  Compare this to the nail technician, who has a 2 foot space between hands and face, and multiple clients a day.  If dust is not handled, sinus issues or worse can become a reality.

Here are two tools that help remedy each problem:

OPI The Fluffy
opi_thefluffy When nail dust lands in the cuticle area it can ruin the manicure or nail enhancement service by adhering back onto the nail surface. The result will be a less than smooth appearance.

OPI’s The Fluffy is an effective tool in that it brushes across the entire surface of the nail and can reach down sidewalls to remove buildup. It also pulls apart for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Last but not least, it is very soft, and my clients often comment on how they like the feeling as opposed to a bristle brush.

Flower Power – The Sunflower

sunflower_dustremover BAUUSA manufactures the Sunflower, a highly powered intake fan that pulls up dust and odors as you work.  It also comes with a 20w bulb on the latest version, providing light as well as air purity.

We’ll explore other options in upcoming posts, but I like the Sunflower because it works directly overhead and is quite powerful.  Possible cons?  Watch the accidental knock or like a bad DustBuster you could have all of your work regurgitated. (Watch the video update here)

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