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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 | 1 comment

Keepin’ it real tidy – Professional Nail Polish Racks

Hey, nice rack

One of the challenges of salon life is the ability to display your wares (nail polishes) in a way that is efficient for you as the nail tech to use, but attractive and even creatively inspiring for everyone else in the room.

A proper nail rack does the trick.

For those using CND Shellac, the long awaited for Power Polish racks have arrived, and are available for purchase ONLINE or by order through distributors.

The above model holds 52 colors CND Shellac bottles AND comes with the highly coveted Shellac tip/color color chart to make it easier for clients to view options.  The chart attaches via a small hole on the side of the rack, or can be left tabel side. The whole shebang runs a mere $45.

If you are looking for a desktop version, I think this spin is great for highlighting seasonal color selections and only runs $30. It also inclues the tip chart.

Make it no question to your clients that you use the Authentic CND Shellac product line!

The tip/color chart can be purchase separately along with a bevy of other coveted CND products online here.

Looking for nail lacquer options?

I’m really fond of the Deco Polish Racks by creator Nick Brown.  As owner of the Velvet Nail Lounge in Michigan, he’s designed and patented an array of styles and colors that should satisfy the most hordy of nail polish owners.  These racks are all acrylic and hold a huge variety of bottles, including the CND Colours & Effects.

Best yet, if you use the code SOLESSENCE at checkout, you’ll get 10% off of your nail rack order.  (I don’t get a cut from this.  Deco Polish Racks is generous enough to extend this offer to Solessence readers).

There are multiple size options.  Are any of you using either rack system?  Give a shout out how you like them.

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