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Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 | 1 comment

Tutorial: Half Moon Manicure

My aunt first turned me on to the Half Moon manicure many, many years go.  She was a nail fanatic and wore them when they originally came into vogue.  There were three variations she told me about, and I still remember her giggle about how much fun they had with this look.  Until recent years, I had never seen anyone wear it.  Thrilled to see it return.  Of course, I have to add glitter to most everything, so here is a tutorial with bling.  This is with CND Shellac for  long lasting look, but you can do the same with regular lacquer.

The trick to getting this look right is paying attention to proper sticker placement and not polishing too crazily over the stickers so it’s neat when you remove it.

Oh, and my aunt? It’s crazy, but this is the only photo I have of her. And it’s actually a photo of a painting I have of her – she always seemed to look this glamorous.  She was my original nail guru, and I learned so much about nail care and became so excited by nails in large part because of her.  Even her brother had a thing for nice digits, and once cut a date short when he could no longer stomach his date’s unkempt nails.

She would love fall 2012, because red is coming back in full force, and she wore her signature red lips everyday, and had her nails done every week up to her death.  I miss her.

Was there a specific person in your life that turned you on to nails, inspired you to new trends?

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