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Posted by on Apr 29, 2010 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

Where to Get CND Shellac in Milwaukee – First Day

You can book your Shellac service with me in the Milwaukee area online at Schedulicity 2317 E Capitol Drive, Shorewood, WI or call 414-964-9311

Looking for information on Shellac? These posts might interest you: Swatches , FAQ link , 27 Days of Shellac , Removal

Our CND Shellac Salon Pack arrived today and was quickly, easily, set up for display. Only six colors ship with the pack and we have the others on back order. Behold:


Very first Shellac – Negligee (two coats)

One coat of Negligee


Shellac French


Red Baroness


For CNDers using Brisa, the bottle shapes look similar, but Shellac is only .25 fluid ounces (7.3 ml).  This is not a trial size, this is the actual product size.  FAQs state you can get 20 applications out of the top and color bases.  With four clients the first day, you can see how quickly you could run through this.

The colors are rich and beautiful.  The consistency is of thick polish, but easy to apply.  There are definite tricks to application,  though the product tends to be very easy to work and modify. There is no building with this product, but it can be used over acrylic/gels.


More on colors tomorrow.  Did you have a specific question on the product? Let me know.

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Posted by on Apr 27, 2010 in Uncategorized | 8 comments

L’Oreal adds Essie Polish to the Lineup

One darling of New York gets consumed by another.


While breezing through Target the other day, I mused on the ever expanding line of “exclusive” and “prestige” items going mainstream.  That this is a sore subject for salons and spas, and a source of confusion created by massclusivity should be another post.  Those two items rotated through my head though, as I spied Essie lacquers on the shelves.

Some of you may be asking – Essie who?  On one hand, my heart breaks that you have not experienced this lush, long lasting brand that made light pink iconic (Ballet Slippers, anyone?) as well as a more beautiful version of Chanel’s Particuliere, Mink Muffs, of which I could take gallons and gallons of the stuff.  On the other, think of the joy you will soon experience at discovering a great brand.  For years, Essie has been an East Coast favorite for stylists.  As little known as the brand seemed to be beyond those borders, Essie pulled in $28 million dollars in net sales over the last 12 months.  Not shabby for finger paints. Long lasting, chip resistant, beautifully colored polishes.

Established in 1981, Astoria based Essie moved beyond the easily accessible Duane Reade in New York to Trade Secrets in cities like Milwaukee.  But an appearance in Target in middle America?  All of that was explained away with the announcement L’Oreal had snapped up this boutique-ish brand to go manicure mainstream.  Essie will bring to L’Oreal a very serious and cult favorite brand, giving them a lead in the drugstore market.  What are the chances the formulations will change?  The sale is to finalize in the next 60-90 days.  Only time will only tell.

Are you a salon/spa carrying Essie?  Does this impact whether you will use the line in your services?  OPI is a brand that has survived having sales channels in supermarkets and is still considered a top line.  If it is sitting next to Clearsil and still in demand, is the though of salon only old school?  Does being salon exclusive matter anymore?

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Update on the Sunflower Nail Dust Remover

sunflowerMy Sunflower came in! It is a thing of beauty and works so well at keeping gel dust and odors away. I am in love.

This also works for natural, but I had some difficulty getting acrylic to pull up. Mostly, it was too heavy and dropped to the table.  I was not using a carbide bit and that may have made a difference.

The link to the original post is here and mentions where you can buy from the manufacturer.

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