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Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Celeb-essence |

Emmys 2013: Kerry Washington

Celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis created Kerry Washington’s soft curls for the Emmys and shares with Solessence readers how you can get this look:

“It is a big day for Kerry being a nominee for Best Actress in a Drama Series, and we both wanted to make this look a memorable one.  Her Marchesa dress has a soft elegance to it that subtly commands one to double take.  Kerry and I agreed that we wanted the overall look to be ‘classic simplicity’ with bouncy, shiny waves.

  • We first started with Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence and left it on for 15 minutes to help promote shine as a part of the foundation.  Then we cleansed the scalp and hair with Shampooing Reviviscence.
  • On towel-dried hair, I sprayed Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle from roots to ends. This helped to protect her hair from heat while giving volume throughout. Then, I combed through to help distribute and applied a large amount of Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice to the ends for added bounce and lasting texture. I blow-dried with a medium size round brush working around an off center part. Then, I set a large velcro roller at the crown to give that natural lift and height.
  • Taking 2 inch sections of Kerry’s hair, I lightly sprayed Leonor Greyl Voluforme on each piece before wrapping it around 1 1/4″ curling iron from roots to ends. I pinned each section vertically throughout to promote lasting volume at the ends. Then, I wrapped the hair away from the face on each side, and alternated directions in the back. For the face framing layers, I just took the curling iron and wrapped around once to create a bend at the eyes and let set without pinning.
  • After 10 minutes, I unpinned all the sections and brushed out her hair (with a paddle brush like by Mason Pearson) to soften the curls into more of a natural wave shape. I undid the velcro roller at the top and gently teased for a little extra height (you can tease for more height as desired). Then, I used a quarter size of Leonor Greyl Éclat Naturel styling cream to seal the ends and smooth out any unwanted frizz. Next, I tucked her hair behind her ear and used a bobby pin to keep it in place.  Once we had the look of easy, effortless wave and body, I gave a final spritz of Spray Structure Naturelle for all night touchable hold.”
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Emmys 2013: Connie Britton

The redheads were in full force last night, and the fabulous Connie Britton led with a very ornate look from head to toe:

The Hair: Disheveled Elegance

Celebrity hairstylist Creighton Bowman created this look using Leonor Greyl.

“Connie is wearing this gorgeous blue/green velvet gown by Naeem Khan that has gold and bronze embellishments on it. So we went with a very editorial Veronica Lake look, we wanted the Hollywood waves but with a little “disheveled elegance”.

  • I started by shampooing her hair with Leonor Greyl Shampooing Reviviscence but decided to leave out conditioner because of the longevity of the hairstyle for the night.
  • Then, I prepped her wet hair with Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence and towel-dried her hair after. To start to create the volume we wanted for her waves, I lightly applied Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice all over her hair from root to tip. Then I blew it out with a paddle brush for a lot of volume and used Serum de Soie to give her hair a bit of shine. Wanting more control in the front of the hair, I applied the Gel a l’Hibiscus along her hairline.
  • Then we got started on the waves. I began by spraying Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle on each section of her hair, then curling each section with a half-inch curling iron and set everything with pin curls. Afterwards, I went through and took out the pin curls and created a deep side part. To give her hair more texture before moving on, I misted Voluforme all over.
  • Next, I brushed out her curls with a large paddle brush and then backcombed parts of her hair with a really wide toothed comb. This gave it the “disheveled elegance” aspect that we were going for.
  •  Lastly, I used Spray Structure Naturelle which is an amazing styling spray that gives strong hold to have her hairstyle last all night!”


The Nails: Glitter Fade

Celebrity Manicurist Beth Fricke created a gold fade over blue using essie’s “Go Overboard” with “Gold as it gets” on the tips.

Last but  not least: Cathy Waterman jewelry, Stuart Weisman clutch, Jimmy Choo shoes

If you want to try glamming up glitter tips, here are some tips in a video I made for Nails Magazine on the glitter fade using soak off gel:

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Emmys 2013: Christina Hendricks

One of the prettiest hairstyles of the night went to Christina Hendricks.  The va-va-voom actress wowed with tresses by Vidal Sassoon, and celebrity hairstylist Gregory Russell shares with Solessence readers how he did the deed with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series:


Get the look:

The Look: 1930s-Inspired with Modern Texture

Gregory and Christina were inspired by several images of 1930s looks as well as Bottega Veneta’s F/W 13 runway styles. Gregory wanted to give Christina’s 1930s look a modern feel, so he created a style with a lot of texture. To finish the look, Christina wore a Marianne Schwartz diamond barrette which was clipped in the bang area, giving her hair a luxurious feel. Her 1930s hairstyle was complemented by a black lace Christian Siriano gown.

Here’s how Gregory created Christina’s look:

  1. First prep damp hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse, applying at the roots and length for touchable volume.
  2. Rough blow dry hair until it’s 90% dry. Use a Mason Pearson brush and blow out hair in sections to create texture and a bouncy wave. Once hair is dry, create a deep side part.
  3. Then take a section of the hair and spray it with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Hairspray to give hair definition and minimize frizz. Curl the section with a ½ inch curling iron for 15 seconds and then pin to let it cool. Curl hair with a ½ inch wand iron for a bouncy, looser wave and a ½ inch marcel iron for a smoother wave, alternating irons to create a textured, modern look.
  4. Let pinned hair cool for 15-20 minutes to create a tight wave and then backcomb unpinned hair around the nape to give hair more volume and create a good shape. Apply Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Color Gloss Crème around the part to show definition.
  5. Lastly, finish style with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray to lock your look in place.
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Emmys 2013: Kate Mara Hair, Makeup and Nails

Kate Mara set off her sexy, slitted J. Mendel gown with a sleek and modern bob, courtesy celebrity hair stylist Alex Polillo for Vidal Sassoon Pro Series.  He shares with Solessence readers how you can get the look:

The Hair: Sleek, Glossy Bob

Alex and Kate went for a sleek, tight look to show off her new bob haircut. Alex and Kate were originally going to create a ponytail, but decided they wanted to pick a modern hairstyle that flaunted her new cut along with her white J. Mendel gown. 

 Here’s how Alex created Kate’s look:

  1. Starting with wet hair, apply a generous amount of Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Mega Firm Hold Gel throughout all of the hair and comb through evenly.
  2. Then create a deep diagonal side part for added drama.
  3. Using a Mason Pearson flat brush and a blowdryer on a medium setting, brush hair flat to the head and then follow with heat from the dryer. Use the nozzle to amp up the shine and create an extremely smooth style.
  4. Spray Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extra Firm Hold Hairspray from the roots to the length to set your style
  5. If the ends tend to flip out, use a flat iron to get them smooth and then finish the whole look with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extreme Smooth Combing Crème.


The Face: Warming trends

Celebrity makeup artist Coleen Campbell – Olwell used Orlane products for Kate’s warm and fabulously fall look for the Emmys.  Get the white & gold look at home:

“To prep Kate’s skin, I began with the Orlane Elixir Royal, it gives such a nice canvas to the skin that it was perfect for the night.  Next, we applied the Super-Moisturizing Light Cream, which I love because it is not greasy at all so it doesn’t break up the makeup but really holds it in place and is super moisturizing.  Then, I applied a bit of the Crème Royale Yeux to her eyes.


For tonight, Kate is wearing a beautiful, long white dress with a bit of edge and a deep side part, so we wanted to go with a bronzy, gold look on the eyes and keep everything really warm.

For her eyes, I used a gold along her lids and then a bronze along the outside to create a more cat eye shape and then lined the inside of her eyes with a bronze eye pencil.  To take her eyes to the next level, the Orlane Volume Care Mascara was key. I was so impressed with this mascara because it gives the lashes almost a lacquered look, which added to the edginess and made them look super long and voluminous.  This mascara is amazing, I really love it!  I also used the Highlight Care Brush to highlight the inner corners of her eyes, which really draws the audiences’ eyes to hers.  Lastly, to define her brows, I used the Dior Brow Styler in Universal Brown.

Then, I went in again with the Highlight Care Brush and applied it straight from the applicator onto her cheekbones.  I also applied it on her cupid’s bow with my finger in a tapping motion to give her lips a poutier look.

Next, I used a big fluffy brush to apply the Orlane Bronzer right underneath the cheekbones.  I tapped it on and the blended it out very well.  This bronzer is great because it’s matte but there is still a tiny hint of a glow so it doesn’t look dead on the skin.  The contrast with the highlight on the cheekbones is gorgeous and really gives more dimension to the face.  Then, I brushed the bronzer along the hairline to complete the overall warmth that we were going for.

Lastly, to keep her t-zone from getting too shiny throughout the night, I applied a light dusting of the Transparent Loose Powder.”


The Nails: White Hot

Celebrity nail artist Kimmie Kyees used Red Carpet Manicure in White Hot to finish Kate’s look.  After creating 15 looks, the actor chose a chevron design.


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Emmys 2013: Claire Danes

Claire Danes’ adorable photobomb is making the rounds on the internet, and how did she get such a ravishing glow, you ask?

Get the look:

Celebrity Makeup artist Matin Maulawizada used Leonor Greyl’s Huile Secret de Beauté as a finishing oil. That’s right, this natural oil usually targeted for hair was the perfect touch for arms and overall glow. Huile Secret de Beauté is enhanced with a beautiful, soft scent of natural florals that can also double as a barely-there perfume. One of my all time favorites.

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