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He’s Got the Look: Academy Award Winner Colin Firth and Kyoku

    • What did Oscar winner Colin Firth use to prepare for his big day on the red carpet?

We’re often obsessed with knowing every effort that was put into getting the women ready, but what about the men? Especially someone like Colin Firth, who was up for arguably the most important night of his career. In this case Firth was groomed by Georgie Eisdell who used Kyoku for Men. Here in his own words he shares with Solessence readers how to acheive and Oscar worthy look:

When I’m grooming someone for the red carpet, I never have a lot of time, so my main goals are to plump, hydrate and increase blood circulation in the skin to allow a natural glow shine through. Massaging products into the skin really thoroughly and using a pressing motion for application are both great ways to increase blood circulation and let color to rise to the surface.

  • To prep Colin Firth for the Oscars, I started with Kyoku for Men Razor Repair Balm, which contains witch hazel and aloe vera, to combat post-shave redness and calm his skin; it’s a great anti-inflammatory product, and I always keep it in my kit for emergencies!
  • Then, facialist Natalie Eleni applied the Kyoku for Men Eye Fuel to Colin’s Eyes using lymphatic drainage movements (using your ring finger, gently pat around the orbital bone in an outward motion towards the ear), which are great for re-energizing and de-puffing tired eyes.
  • Next, I applied the Oil Control Lotion down the T zone to absorb any excess oil and prevent Colin from looking greasy. It was very important to lightly matify his skin in specific areas to ensure that he stayed
    shine-free all night long. I then used Kyoku for Men Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 to refresh his skin and keep it looking healthy and rested.

Nice to know women aren’t the only ones worrying about a shiny T-zone and puffy eyes.  I think what is great about this routine is that it is low maintenance enough for the average guy to consider.

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She’s Got the Look: Academy Award Winning Melissa Leo & Leonor Greyl

One of my favorite hair lines of all time, Leonor Greyl, was used by hairstylist Creighton Bowman on Oscar winner Melissa Leo for her appearance at the Academy Awards last night. Lucky for Solessence readers, he has shared a detailed step-by-step on how you can achieve this look at home!
Melissa Leo accepting her win

Creighton Bowman explains the look:
The initial idea for Melissa Leo’s Oscars hairstyle was to create something effortless and carefree à La Dolce Vita, but the look also needed to be about the silhouette: I developed a style that would complement the dramatic collar of her dress and elongate the line of her body.

  • I started out by applying Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase Detangling Milk and Condition Naturelle Heat Protecting Styling Spray to Melissa’s towel-dried hair. I used Gel à La Kératine, an alcohol-free styling gel, on her hairline to hold all of the tiny, curly strands in place.
  • Then, I blow-dried her hair with a medium-sized round brush so it wouldn’t be completely straight: I wanted a little curl at the ends. One of the best things about doing a round-brush blow-dry is that it enables you to lock in shine even if you are creating a rough, modern texture.
  • After drying, I worked a few drops of Serum de Soie Sublimateur, a silicone-free anti-frizz serum, through Melissa¹s hair; created a section from ear to ear across the back of her head; and pulled the section up into a high, tight ponytail. Then, I loosely incorporated the sides and top of the hair into the ponytail to achieve softness while maintaining tightness at the nape of her neck. It was very important to keep it tight in the back to avoid interfering with the collar of Melissa’s dress.
  • I wrapped the pieces into a high chignon and secured everything with Voluforme setting and styling spray. Before the red carpet, Melissa and I had a bet going about her hair: she said she would let me do an updo if I could achieve the whole look with four hairpins or less. I like to call it The Four Hairpin Challenge. I knew that I could definitely do that with Leonor Greyl products!
  • After a little backcombing at the crown of Melissa’s head, the final step was to tease out the pieces in the front. My method to create that sort of effortlessness is to pull everything back and let whatever falls out fall out. If you force strands out to frame the face, it looks too specific, but if you let them fall out naturally, it produces a very soft effect.

Doing a test run of the hairstyle on model

Want a visual?  Bowman has a step-by-step video here:

Thank you & congrats to Creighton Bowman and Leonor Greyl!

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Oscars 2011 – Jewelry

Anne Hathaway wears the $10 million Lucida Tiffany necklace. An easy favorite.

The jewelry, earrings in particular, were big and chunky this year. However, it felt like there was a disconnect between the gowns and the gems. Like a Filene’s Basement Wedding Gown sale, it was as if a big pile of pretty was put on the floor and everyone scrambled, grabbed and wore the first thing they could claw. Most of the jewelry companies got the short end of the stick too, as, with a few exceptions, stars quickly muttered who/what they were wearing.

One thing is for certain: Emeralds were big. Prepping us all for the jewel-tone greens coming this fall, green stones were in number.

Reese Witherspoon

Amy Adams

Annette Benning

Remember that jewelry line Angelina Jolie collaborated on with Robert Procop? I haven’t seen a thing from it except the snake series, until now, and they showed up on Robert Downey Jr.’s wife.

You may have heard the moans and groans by now about Nicole Kidman, but I felt she was finally getting her groove back. Sure it was white, but it fit her beautifully, the jewelry was complimentary, and she had a kickin’ pair of brightly colored stilettos. I loved her necklace.

Although Paltrow looked great in Calvin Klein, I could not understand the wild seahorse (I initially thought they were parrots) earrings she was wearing.  Did not work with the outfit at all.   Contrary to popular belief, neutral doesn’t really mean anything goes with it!

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Oscars 2011- James Franco and Anne Hathaway

What happened? It started out so well. It seemed fresh, a little fun. And James Franco and Anne Hathaway looked like they were having a good time.

Then pretty quickly it started getting rocky. What was that bizarre song about? F-bombs on the first award given? James Franco slipping, um, under the influence? Had he stayed lucid I think this would have worked out a little bettter. Poor Anne was carrying it on her own (and probably could have).

Yep, that’s Franco in drag, trying to keep up with Anne’s costume changes. Did you see the auto-tuning?

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