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Good Houskeeping’s erroneous article on UV manicures

Important Facts about CND Shellac: A Good Housekeeing article contained misleading information about the Shellac system and gel polishes in general. It is important to clear up this information. Please see CND’s reply to this article:

“Safety is CND’s top priority and we take tremendous concern with the article in the March issue of Good Housekeeping. It is very misleading. We took immediate steps to clarify the facts with the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI). We met with the head of the institute, two chemists and two research directors to present accurate information and independent study results. GHI listened, is currently evaluating the information and conducting additional research. The staff of our lab is at GHI’s disposal. We are also collaborating with the Nail Manufacturers’ Safety Council to ensure that correct and accurate information is available. What is most important to know is that UV manicures are not dangerous. CND Shellac products have been thoroughly researched and tested. The only risk of possible nail damage would be from improper application or removal by an untrained nail professional or woman at home

CND ShellacTM – Safety

Question: Is the CND UV Lamp safe to use?

Answer: The UV light present in the CND UV Lamp has been proven safe to use. Various studies, including one done by Rapid Precision Testing Laboratories, have compared the lamp to natural sunlight and various indoor tanning lamps on the market. The tests have confirmed that the bulbs used in CND’s UV Nail Lamp are among the safest in use today. Getting regular UV manicures is equivalent to spending an extra 1-2 minutes in daylight.

Question: Are Methacrylates dangerous?

Answer: Methacrylates have been safely used in nail products for decades. The Cosmetics Ingredient Review has determined Methacrylates safe as used.

Question: Does CND Shellac contain Methyl Pyrrolidone?

Answer: CND Shellac does not contain the chemical Methyl Pyrrolidone (n-MP). Prior to August 2011, several original CND Shellac color formulations used a – raw material – that contained trace amounts of n-MP in the solvent. The amount of n-MP in the final formula was below 0.1%, well within safe harbor limits of California’s Prop 65.

Question: What are the negative effects of using acetone to remove CND Shellac?

Answer: Acetone, which is used to remove CND Shellac, is used in almost all polish removers. Acetone can cause temporary dryness; however, acetone substitutes are less effective and equally as drying. Lightweight oils can be used to offset the temporary dryness.

Question: Can I use CND Shellac at home?

Answer: CND Shellac is a professional product and should only be used by licensed, trained nail professionals. ”

As I ‘ve even mentioned many times in the past, gel manicures in general have been around for 30 years. CND’s new technology is much more gentle, and lamp is regulated and tested safe. You can feel confident when you are getting an authentic CND application.

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CND Shellac Shades Color Chart

How would you like the CND Shellac color shades right at your fingertips?  You can now, with the new Shades color chart that will be available to licensed professionals late April.

Each chart has:

  • 36 Shellac colors pre-applied
  • 9 layered Shellac combos to view
  • an additional blank row you can fill in with your favorite combinations

Each color is numbered, and when you flip the chart around you’ll see the color or color combinations used.

This is perfect for the salon!  What are you waiting for? Register at to get your mitts on one of these from their store when they come out.

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Tim Gunn shares Nail Styles for spring – it’s CND!

I love me some Tim Gunn – he’s the authority on style (and he once stuck his hand down my shirt).  ABC’s talkshow “The Revolution” featured a nail session today, and right along with Tim Gunn is CND Educator Candice Manacchio! Check out this fun video as Candice whips out multiple styles tailored to the women she works on using CND Shellac Power Polish, CND Colours & Effects with art tips and tricks:

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CFDA “You Can’t Fake Fashion” Totes eBay Auction is LIVE

In the tents at Fashion Week last month there was a preview display of the bags created for CFDA’s   (Council of Fashion Designers of America) “You Can’t Fake Fashion” auction, held on eBay. The auction raises monies for various charities, scholarships and awards through the 400 members.  Last year the purses sold out, and they are aiming for another run.  I took this photo of a great bag by Robert Geller, one I was coveting.

The auction isn’t the easiest to find.  I’ve been waiting for launch day, today, so that I could bid on this beauty, only to find it had already been snapped up.  I am crushed! Each tote is customized by designer – which one is striking your fancy?

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Zoya: New Beach & Surf available April 1st

New nail color – coming soon to a salon near you and!

Summer 2012 is going to be a super stylish season for nails with the latest offering of nail polish collections, Beach and Surf, from the new color of fashion, Zoya! This new splash of color, designed by the Zoya color experts, is kissed by sea and sand translating beautifully onto the nail in the famous, full-coverage Zoya formula.

Dive into the creamy shades of the Zoya Beach Collection or the shimmering sea foils of the Zoya Surf Collection. The choice is yours – this color palette is sure to be a splash!

Zoya BEACH Collection

  • Reagan (ZP614) – deep cerise pink cream
  • Lara (ZP615) – vivid cerise pink cream
  • Shelby (ZP616) – soft pinky pink cream
  • Arizona (ZP617) – soft coral orange cream
  • Tracie (ZP618) – sea grass metallic
  • Wednesday (ZP619) – soft aqua cream

Zoya SURF Collection

  • Rory (ZP620) – lotus pink foil metallic
  • Carly (ZP621) – thalia purple foil metallic
  • Kimber (ZP622) – magenta pink foil metallic
  • Myrta (ZP623) – coral orange foil metallic
  • Meg (ZP624) – mermaid green foil metallic
  • Zuza (ZP625) – aquamarine foil metallic

Zoya is the new color of fashion… 

The Zoya BEACH and SURF collection was designed and inspired by resort runways and tropical get-a-ways.

Ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are free of harmful industrial chemicals like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Find Zoya BEACH and SURF as well as over 300 other ultra high-fashion Zoya shades at As always, each and every Zoya color is made for women so we name them after women.

BEACH and SURF by Zoya Nail Polish – 12 new colors:
Available April 1, 2012 (USA)

Sug. Retail $8.00 per 0.5 fl.oz. bottle (US).

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