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Posted by on Jun 13, 2011 | 23 comments

Shellac Layering: Mother of Pearl

NEW! The header tab at top of the page contains swatches

Not sure if a combo is a do or do not?  I’ve layered and swatched all 24 colors of Shellac to make visualization a breeze.

Looking for options? CND’s Shellac can be layered to create a near infinite number of color combinations, just like the Colours & Effects line.  I’ll be posting them in color order, starting with the glitter mix, Mother of Pearl.  Notice that this bottle contains much more glitter than the original swatch I did on first release.  Although I often custom mix, I really like this concentrated glitter effect. 

Keep checking back for updates. It’s taking a while to sort and crop but I hope you’ll find it worth the wait :)

Mother of Pearl over Rock Royalty

Mother of Pearl over Iced Coral

Mother of Pearl over Iced Cappucino 

Mother of Pearl over Fedora

Mother of Pearl over Black Pool

Mother of Pearl over Cream Puff

Mother of Pearl over Strawberry Smoothie

Mother of Pearl over Rose Bud

Mother of Pearl over Gotcha

Mother of Pearl over Hot Pop Pink

Mother of Pearl over Tutti Frutti

Mother of Pearl over Hot Chilis

Mother of Pearl over Tropix

Mother of Pearl over Hollywood

Mother of Pearl over Wildfire

Mother of Pearl over Red Baroness

Mother of Pearl over Decadence

Mother of Pearl over Cocoa

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  1. Where do I buy mother of pearl?

  2. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for this :)

  3. Excellent help – thank you!

  4. Thank you for doing all the hard work

  5. You're welcome Katy. Thanks for letting me know they've been helpful. Go have fun with your colors.

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the above. It really helps when choosing colours :o ) x.

  7. Thanks Hillary, I’ll give that a go. I do have Zillionaire but I am yet to try it. About to do a whole bunch of swatches with the new colours.

  8. Hm, the problems I had dealt with first bottles last year so that probably isn’t the issue. The glitter does sttle and clump so I recommend turning the bottle upside down overnight. Then give it a serious shake to disperse. If you still don’t see any glitter take it back to the distributor (but I suspect you will). You should see a decent amount on the nail but by all means continue thin leyers if you want more. It just depends on your preference and how much ylu pick up each time on your brush.

    Have you tried Zillionaire yet? It looks great over Mother of Pearl on top of color! Gives dimension.

  9. Hi there. Thanks for these pics. I assume your base colour is always two coats, but can you please tell me if you’ve layered one coat of Mother of Pearl or two?
    I’m currently wearing Cream Puff layered with one coat of Mother Of Pearl, and it’s nowhere near as glittery as yours. You can hardly see glitter on mine at all, which made me disappointed with Mother Of Pearl. You said this bottle contains much more glitter than the original swatch you did on first release; is there inconsistency with this shade? Is there a batch number or something I can look out for (when buying the more glittery version)?

  10. I’ve had a few shellac manis and I love the long lasting, fantastically shiny color and incredible nail growth, but don’t love the dull, fashion-back color selection. (Previously I had tried Romantique and Hot Chilis…)

    I just wanted to say thanks – after searching the web for shellac layering tips and color swatches, I just had a shellac manicure today, layering cocoa and mother of pearl. On my yellow-under-toned very very pale skin it looks incredibly chic. I’m preparing for many compliments on vacation next week.

    Great, very thorough site, and a very well earned thank you!

  11. Anytime. Also, if you aren’t already, register at to find out about classes. There is a Painter class that will get you certified as a Master for CND Shellac. You can really advance quickly in a group learning environment. Happy 4th!

  12. Thanks for the tip Hillary, I’m not a fan of the visible edge either. The end result looks so much better when the whole nail is covered.. I need to get practicing I think :)

    Thanks again!

  13. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks, glad you are finding it helpful. I’ve also started adding photos up at the header tab under Swatches, to help with so many different posts having photos. Keep an eye out in that area too.

    To get Shellac up to the cuticle line (but not over) is practice, practice, practice. I’m just not a fan of visible edge. Lay your brush down as close as you can and push the product up. Do any cleanup before curing. Depending on nail shape this will be easier on some than others, but with practice you’ll get a good consistency!

  14. This is really helpful thanks so much. Looking forward to the next post!

    Just a quick question regarding application. All of your pics show that you’ve got the polish right to the cuticle edge. Does this just take practice to get it perfect or do you use an orange stick to remote extra polish that gets on the skin?

    Thanks so much

  15. Wow! That is gorgeous! I’m really ‘up’ on what’s new in nails, but I love the Shellac Mother of Pearl seems like it makes everything look better!

  16. This is fabulous!!! Makes me think maybe I might try Shellac sometime. wow, love it!


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