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Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Nails |

Scratch seeks to launch artist driven nail wraps through Kickstarter

On the heels of the full sheet nail wraps by Empower Nail Art comes Scratch – individual designs for digits by designers. It’s more of an enduser experience, but in a field full of Kiss and Sally Hansen and essie wraps, is there room for more?  Backers on Kickstarter seem to think so. The designs are fresh, and out of the $6000 goal, nearly $20,000 has been raised as of this date.

Scratch is a brand new, LA born, beauty company that acts as a platform for Designers, Illustrators, and all types of Artists to collaborate, create nail wraps, and share their art through a fun new wearable medium. We’re a facilitator of awesomeness. Seriously. The incredibly talented artists we’ve been able to work with so far have created nail art that is beyond inspiring.

The goal is to produce 3 designs a month from different artists.  Instead of taking on celebrity manicurists as Minx does, Scratch has instead turned to the graphic design community for inspiration.  What do you think of this model?  And does the fact it has been so quickly and easily funded signal there is still plenty of room in the nail wrap category?

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