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Posted by on Feb 16, 2010 in Uncategorized | 5 comments

BRIT Awards 2010 – Lady Gaga Wins All Nominations

gagaaward_bestfemalebrkthrualbumCongrats to America’s Lady Gaga who came away with awards in all categories of nomination:

  • Best Female
  • Best Breakthrough Act
  • Best Album (The Fame)

Billy B was onhand for makeup.  Philip Treacy designed the elaborate lace mask she wore.

Gaga dedicated her performance to fashion designer Alexander McQueen who designed the Armadillo shoes she wore predominantly in the “Bad Romance” video.  He committed suicide last week.

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Posted by on Feb 14, 2010 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

MBFW – f/w 2010 – Ruffian

You’ve gotta forgive me, I’m a little slow on the draw right now.   Fashion Week is in full swing, last time at the tents.  Too many changes going on to attend, but there are some exciting bright spots.  The nails at Ruffian, by CND, were gorgeous!  Matte over blue over foil.

Modelruffian_gThose stockings are oh-so-familiar.  Love/Hate.

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Giveaway – Natori Results

Congratulations to Joanna Smith.  You will be receiving one bottle of Natori by Josie Natori!

natorigiveaway_solessenceSorry for the delayed results but autoloading is apparently not working.

Please contact me within 48 hours (solessencenews AT gmail DOT com) from the email you registered with and provide your Name, Shipping Address and Phone Number (No PO boxes acceptee) so that your fragrance can be shipped to you.  This giveaway is sponsored by brand firm representative; all bottles will ship direct. Thank you!

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Posted by on Feb 2, 2010 in Uncategorized | 34 comments

Brew City Beauty: Meet the Mrs – Angela Sorge, @mrsajbombers

Gorgeous people – Milwaukee is full of them! I’ll be highlighting a Brew City Beauty each month in this feature.

Meet the Mrs – Angela Sorge: The A in AJ Bombers, a restaurant voted Milwaukee’s best new burger joint and just given a screen splash by CNN.  AJ Bombers is known as the Cheers of Milwaukee, and Angela is better known as @mrsajbombers.  Usually represented by a veggie bean burger photo, here she reveals her true face and dishes on pilates, inner beauty and reigning vegetarian in a carnivore empire.

Angela, on her 40th birthday this last October


When did Milwaukee become your home?

It will be 10 years in September. We moved here due to a business deal where we took over operation of a bar/restaurant.  We were able to successfully turn that location around and have since expanded.

What do you do?

Own & operate restaurants with my fabulous husband.  Currently, we have Water Buffalo and Swig in the Third Ward, and AJ Bombers on Water Street.

Marital Status?

Married for 5 years, but together for almost 13!

What does Milwaukee mean to you?

We love living in Milwaukee because it’s a great city without the big city problems (traffic, pollution, crime).  We live downtown and rarely venture outside of the city limits!  There is so much character downtown in the older architecture but also so many new, unique additions (hello? have you seen the MAM!).  Milwaukee has a lot to offer and although the winters can be tough, we’ve found that we appreciate the warmer seasons so much more than we did when we lived in a warmer climate.

What does beauty mean to you?

My definition of beauty has changed over the years.  Right now, beauty has to do with the kind of life you lead, how you treat yourself and how you treat other people.

What are your favorite forms of exercise?

Most of my workouts are in a Pilates studio.  I take pilates at The Lift Pilates Studio located inside the MAC (you don’t have to be a member) at the corner of Broadway & Mason.  I started taking classes about a year and a half ago to help with some pain I was having due to running.  I can honestly say it has changed my life.  I’m stronger, leaner and more aligned and balanced than I’ve ever been.  It has so dramatically changed my body, I’m still amazed on a regular basis.  I was a “class” enthusiast: aerobics, step, slide, kickboxing, weight lifting.  Nothing else has given me the results that I’ve found with Pilates.  I also like to run, especially when the weather allows.  I have a 10k coming up in March that I ran last year with my husband.  We enjoyed the camaraderie of being involved in the run and look forward to it again this year!

Strike a pose
You are a vegetarian (vegan?) – How do you feel that enhances your life? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks?

I don’t eat animal products.  Sometimes if I’m dining out, there may be egg or milk, say in bread or a dessert, but generally I steer clear of all animal products.  This has been the case for just over 2 years and I feel great!  My skin is clearer than it has ever been, I have increased my energy level and I’m super healthy.  I haven’t had any kind of illness or injury that has required me to see a doctor and in the case of a cold, I’m generally back to normal after a day or two.  I had blood work done last year on the request of my doctor and my cholesterol, iron etc. were perfect.  As for drawbacks, I might run into limited options when we dine out, that’s why I try to make sure other vegetarians have numerous choices at our restaurants!

What makes you feel beautiful?

I feel beautiful when I feel strong, healthy and powerful.  After a particularly hard Pilates session, a long run or accomplishing something physically that I hadn’t been able to do successfully before.

Where do you get beautified in MKE?

GLOW Salon & Spa.  I go monthly for my hair, but I love to get mani/pedi’s, though I don’t go as much as I’d like.  I love spa treatments and massages but usually reserve those for vacation!

Angela and Joe



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