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Posted by on May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Minx Goes Mainstream

Everyone’s favorite metallic manicure goes public – of sorts.

minx_gagaMinx™ announced the June 2010 launch of a collaboration brand with Sephora and OPI, called OPI Chic Prints for Nail Design Appliqués.   Available in all US and Canadian Sephora stores, this line is geared for consumers.

Prior to this development, Minx was only available through trained, licensed “minxicurists” as a luxe service. Minx founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin state there are marked differences between the two product lines:

OPI Chic Prints:

  • Last one to two days
  • Applied with hand generated friction
  • Initial intro of eight designs with additional designs for holidays

Minx Nails:

  • Last 4 – 8 days on fingers, up to 4 weeks on toes
  • Applied by heat
  • Multitude of designs that are not available in the consumer line

The two year old line has found a big celebrity following, but the service itself is on the pricier side.  Combine it with a flash that is hard to carry in an office setting, and it is understandable how this product, while desirable, needs another stream to keep momentum.

Unfortunately, this move from Pro to Consumer has outraged salon professionals that have invested time and money into training into a product that is now being introduced for anyone to use.  Bottom line is this – if Minx can’t keep afloat, there will be neither consumer nor professional line.  With this powerhouse collaboration, Minx stands a chance to continue and knock out knockoffs at the same time.

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She’s Got the Look – Katie Perry – MET Gala 2010

katyperry_met Katy Perry lit up the night in a light up dress for the Met Gala. How else did she shine? Long, gorgeous wavy locks courtesy Pantene’s Danilo. Here’s how it was done:

Start with clean hair
Spray hair with Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Detangler to condition
Blow dry using a round brush and finger tousle to create waves
Use Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Touchable Hairspray for a finishing hold

Katy’s hair was then pulled to the side, twisted, and pinned into place.

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Get Nailed – Wisconsin’s First Nail Competition (and mine)


Wisconsin’s Amy Becker will be judging the 1st Nail Show & Nail Competition.

So it’s 5:01am and I’ve been up for a couple of hours now.  True, I do need to go in early today, but in a couple of days I’ll be participating in my first nail competition and I’m just re-reading the rules and trying to envision the day while the tea brews and the laundry tumbles dry.  A month or so ago, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as nail competitions, but it completely makes sense.  Working with nails is truly an art, a skill, and with so many techniques and hours of training put into form (and function) it helps to have mentors and to continually challenge yourself.  Education is a key factor for competitions, but the thought is still a tad daunting.  As intrigued as I was at the idea, I’ve tried to back out for weeks now.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, someone stepped up to the plate to serve as my nail model.

I met Tonya when I was looking for someone to practice new techniques on, and she became a client shortly after.  Working on her is always fun because she has great patience, is willing to try pretty much anything, and just seems to be there in the moment with me.  When she was getting a fill done, a co-worker walked by and noticed Tonya’s long fingers and said, “You should be her model for the competition.”  Tonya jumped at the idea and wanted to know everything about the event.  After that I had no way out.

Latest set of competition practice nailscompetitionnails_profile2

The Nail Show & Nail Competition will be held Monday, May 10th at:

  • Sheraton Brookfield
  • 375 S Moorland Road
  • Brookfield, WI  53005
  • General Admission $35 (gift bags included)

This is the first nail competition held in Wisconsin since the 1990’s, and has great sponsors and demo areas.  Wisconsin’s Amy Becker, a Top 25 Competitor and Nail Magazine “Nail Technician of the Year” recipient will be judging the events. Amy recently won 1st place in the US Invitational Gel Nail division at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas.

If you are a nail tech  and would like to enter, you may still come Monday morning to register – you need to be a part of this!

If you have an interest in nails, or are a nail tech that doesn’t want to compete but is looking to keep up on the latest, come to the demo/show area.  Please spread the word as this is an initial effort to build skills and mentors in nails for the midwest.

Show Schedule:

8:30 am Registration

9:00am Competition Opens

Multi Media Art and Flat art submitted

9:30am All Art Entries Closed

Competition Briefing

9:45am Competition Begins

11:15am Competition Ends

3:30pm Award Presentation

4:00pm Show Closes

9:00am-4:00pm Demonstration Area Open

Sponsors and Demonstration Areas – Masterworks, Young Nails, depileve, Earthly Body, Satin Smooth, China Glaze, SpaFinity, Spa Ritual, Nail Pro Magazine, Nails Magazine, Medicool


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Food Wars in Milwaukee: AJ Bombers vs Sobelman’s

May is Burger Month and Milwaukee is celebrating big time. Thursday, May 6th begins the first of 3 days of filming by Food Network’s Food Wars, which is set to declare the best burger in Milwaukee.
Last May I posted on my favorite burger joints , making note of the peanut butter and bacon burger as a first and all time favorite from The Bear in Chico, Ca. If you look at recommendations that came in from readers, Sobleman’s made the short list, but AJ Bombers? Nowhere to be found.

This could be because AJ had just opened in March of 2009 at the corner of Knapp & Water. The brainchild of Joe and Angela Sorge (she was a Brew City Beauty) , AJ Bombers was something fresh and new. From the p-nut bombs to the unique and flavorful food, it offered a new school menu the city needed.

p-nut bombs

Sobelman’s has long enjoyed a history as a city favorite, and that could be the reason Food Wars came visiting to consider an episode.  For whatever reason, they passed that first time.  Sobelman was determined to be on the show, and in a recent interview said he contacted Joe Sorge to get a battle going.

He picked the right battle. AJ Bombers, strong with a tech savvy crowd, launched a social media campaign to get the network’s attention and Food Wars agreed to take them on.  Who will win the war though?  My bet is on AJ Bombers. They’ve got the whole package.  Somehow a peanut butter burger made it onto their menu in the last year too – hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

A little AJ Bombers spoof, courtesy customer

If you can make it to Milwaukee, filming begins today through Saturday.

Thursday, May 6:

AJ Bombers 12:30pm Lunch

1241 N Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 221-9999

Friday, May 7:

Sobelman’s 11:00am Lunch
1900 W. St. Paul Avenue
Milwaukee, WI

Saturday, May 8:

Bar Louie 11:30am Food Wars Taping
1114 North Water Street
Milwaukee, WI

The public is welcome!  The show is planned to air within a month.  May the best burger win.

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