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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 |

STOCKING STUFFERS: Top 5 moisturizing moments from head to toe

Things that make you go mmmmmmm

It’s the little things that count, and if you fill those stockings with power-packed formulations that help combat winter dryness, you’ll be on the good list for good.  Check out these five hydration helpers:


Joico Reconstructing K-Pac

Everyone loves a good hair find, and if your giftees need some love for their locks, I have a powerhouse for you: Joico K-Pak Reconstruct.  The shampoo/conditioner set works wonders on damaged hair, but it is the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor that gets sucked in through straw-like hair as if it was nectar from the gods.   A professional grade product, use this once a week or so to repair dried and fried ends suffering from coloring and styling.



Oil Cleansers

Winter is harsh on skin.  So is makeup. Partake in rituals of a kinder, gentler kind by gifting an oil cleanser.  An Asian ritual forEVER, the proper oils breakdown product on the skin and leave it dewy soft, not clogged.  Top notch formulations from Shu Uemura and Shisedo are elegant workhorses, and will please the veteran and novice oil user alike.



PROTECT Yu-Be Lip Therapy

Cult classic Yu-Be debuted their Lip Therapy this year, and, Rosebud Salve who?  I can’t live without the stuff.  From an earlier review, my views haven’t changed: This is the ultimate therapy balm.  Instantly sinks in, doesn’t dry out and contains no artificial ingredients.  My lips even enjoyed the camphor, which seemed soothing to their dry, cracked existence.


Hands/Feet & Nails

Winter weather can cause nails to become dry, brittle.  If you wear polish of any kind, that means it will pull back from product.  Keep your nails flexible with an oil that is natural and blended to penetrate your skin.  Many products just float on the surface, but CND’s Solar Oil acts therapeutic.  This Special Edition version is scented Vanilla & Amber and packs an olfactory WOW.


Overall body

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

Why wash with soap when you can use a moisturizing body wash?  Get a jump start by keeping your skin supple instead of drying it out during cleansing.  Dove’s new Deep Moisture combines mild cleansers with a rich blend of nutrients for a nourishing body wash.  This drugstore beauty find has a super creamy lather, and that oh-so-pretty trademark Dove scent that pleases the senses.




Disclosure: Product was provided in some instances for review consideration.  I liked it so much I included it in my retail roundup recommendations.  


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