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Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Beauty | 0 comments

Vitabath love is in the air! 15% code


Vitabath Body Wash, Fragrance Mist, and Hydrating Lotions make a great Valentine’s Day gift, and now you can score 15% off with online orders! With new products and an abundance of fragrance choices, this longtime favorite is not your mother’s body wash, but will be loved just as well.
Go to and use coupon code VALENTINE15 for 15%  off of your order.  For delivery by Valentine’s Day, make sure your order is placed by February 3rd. Mmmmm, everything is coming up Noubeau Rose, and Asian Orchid & Coconut, and…and…


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Grammys 2014: Queen Latifah

Want to recreate Pantene Brand Ambassador Queen Latifah’s GRAMMY Award’s coiffure?  Iasia Merriweather, her “hair-person-in-charge” shares how:



Glamming-up Queen Latifah’s fresh, new bob for the GRAMMY Awards began, as always, with a gentle shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner- “my GRAMMY winners, Pantene Pro-V’s Smooth and Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner – both must-haves along with frequent maintenance and deep conditioning to maintain hair’s moisture, elasticity, and promote growth.  With the Queen’s hair prepped and primed, GRAMMY make up and wardrobe choices reviewed, I set out to create what I called the ‘GRAMMY Glam-Bob!’ The result: a FLAWLESS, yet minimalistic, bob with a hint of shape-defining volume to highlight layers and add direction!”



1.       Prep dampen hair for blow-drying by applying Pantene Pro-V Smooth Blow-dry Crème.  Once hair is dry, apply Pantene Pro-V Smooth with Argan Oil Shine Serum and begin working from back to front, in sections, flat ironing hair straight. Once hair is straight, side part and brush to smooth.

2.       Starting at the crown of the head and working in sections, position flat iron at the base of each section and move flat iron in a semicircular or curved motion to create large loose bends in hair. Work from top to bottom and repeat process for each side of part.


3.       Gently hand comb loose curls then brush to smooth being mindful of maintaining volume and defining shape. Finish with Pantene Pro-V Stylers Anti-Humidity Maximum Hold Hairspray for a wow-worthy GLAM SLAM!

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Grammys 2014: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne’s trademark lilac locks were kept in pristine condition tonight by Pantene. Stylist Ryan Randall for Pantene shares with Solessence readers how she looked so chic and sleek.


1.     It is important to properly prep hair the week of an event so it is hydrated and protected against damage. Use the Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 2-Minute Moisture Masque once a week leading up to an event so hair is in its best possible condition when you begin.    

2.     Start with wet, clean hair.

3.     Using your fingers, blow dry hair, going from the roots to the tips. This will help seal the cuticle.

4.     When hair is mostly dry, apply the Pantene Pro-V Stylers Heat Protection Spray on 1Ž2 inch sections to shield hair from heat.

5.     When you begin flat ironing hair, work in small horizontal sections. This will give you more control over the sophisticated style.

6.     Using a 1Ž2 inch flat iron, straighten hair from the root to the middle of the shaft.

7.     Using 1 1Ž2 inch flat iron, straighten hair from the middle of the shaft through the ends to achieve a super sleek look.

8.     Once hair has been fully ironed, apply the Pantene Pro-V Stylers Flexible Hold Hairspray to the entire head. This will control the hair without disturbing the touchable, moveable style.

9.     To complete the look, work a nickel size amount of the Pantene Pro-V Stylers All In One Styling Balm through your palms and use throughout the hair. This will tame flyaways, and achieve shine definition without weighing hair down.


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