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Posted by on Apr 5, 2016 |

Swarovski Crystal Pixie back in stock

Nail art enthusiasts – Swarovski Crystal Pixie is back in stock!

This gorgeous, newly created for nail art mix of perfect spheres and Swarovski cut crystals enhances with brilliance over full nail coverage or fades. Cute Mood is the equivalent to Crystal AB. It’s amazing to use because you can create a fade underneath and it shows the colors through the crystals.

There are three other color options that equate to black, silver and gold. All are stunning in their own right.  There has also been unbelievable demand for the product, with worldwide shortages.  It’s been two months since we were able to fill these orders. Get them while you can

Each box comes with one jar of your choice color crystal pixie, a sheet of additional Swarovski to use for nail art, and a silver funnel to return excess crystal pixie back into the container. Order yours today!

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