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glo Professional: Tonics and Serums

I’ve been working with the glo products for some weeks now and need to play catch-up on my reviews.  Now I’d like to cover tonics and serums because both really do work in conjunction.

My last post covered the face wash aka glo Purifying Gel Cleanser, and I’m still pretty happy. If you remember, my skin was a bit raw from a reaction with some other products.  I was given the gloConditioning Tonic to use after the wash.  I think many feel tonic serves to simply wipe off makeup that dioesn’t come off with cleanser, but the purpose is really deeper than that.  Tonic also serves to condition the skin and drive any serums or moisturizers with it down to penetrate layers of the skin.  It preps for absorbtion of active ingredients.

glo ‘s Conditioning  tonic/toner is very pleasant smelling.  Aside from that it has a great indredient list, including Hyalauronic Acid and Glycerin (both natural humectant attractants), rich anti-oxidant oils and spin trap which is used to scavenge free radicals.  Unfortunately I noticed the great smell comes from fragrance oil, which can be a combination of  synthetics or it can be proprietary scent.  Even with that, the toner is pumped full of many great anti-aging ingredients, and is affordable under $30.  It works as a system.


I can’t say enough good about the serums.  I was placed on two different types: Repair Serum and Super Serum

The repair complex is for “aging, sun-damaged, wounded, post-treatment” and is only for locations with a physician on staff.  Luckily, GLOW in downtown Milwaukee, the location I was at, does have this advanced option.  The gloRepair Complex is the core of the glo brand, and focuses on product performance through four specific ingredients: Spin Trap, Carnosine, Amia, Niacinamide.  These four work in conjunction to drive water soluable Vitamin B, dipeptides and more to stimulate collagen synthesis, healing, balance skin and decrease inflammation. 

While the Repair Complex is clear and has a bit of a medicinal smell, the Super Serum is rich and creamy with a delicious citrus scent.  While serums are never to be replacements for moisturizer, I couldn’t help but feel my skin was getting a double dose of hydration just using the product. 

Additional Notes

At the time I was given the products I was told there may be a point about two weeks or so into it I would begin to experience bumps or breakouts, and that was normal.  Sure enough, I did end up with small, hard bumps across my chest and face. They were hardly noticable unless you touched that area.  After about a week and a half they all went away, and my skin is better for it.  My skin healed faster, and my décolletage is so much smoother.  That, my friends, is an area where neglected skin gives everything away.  Luckily, it doesn’t seem to have as many secrets to spill these days. Overall, everything is evenly hydrated, looks firmer, and the redness has toned down.  Very happy.

Next up: glo Conditioning Hydration Cream

gloProfessional carries a full line of skin care, professional skin treatments and mineral makeup sold only at salons and spas. You can also purchase online at gloprofessional.

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Renee Rouleau Annual Sale – 15% off

Renee Rouleau’s Annual Anniversary Sale is going on now through Sunday, August 29th
15% off all products. Enter code W2010 at checkout

Check out these favorites:

Skin Correcting Serum-prevent breakouts from within

Triple Berry Smoothing Peel-Get a Renee Rouleau facial at home

The Works Kits-Save BIG with our Works kits! Total savings = 25% off

Hydrating Mineral Toner-Rejuvenates dry, sun-damaged skin

Synergy Eye Cream-Smoothes and plumps eye wrinkles

Which products are right for me? Check out our 9 skin types

Free Shipping on orders over $100

Need expert skin advice? We are here for you! Email us >

Shape Magazine: See our press page >

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Review: Votre Vu Duette hand creme and lip balm

Duette is a fun and effective hand creme and lip balm set that is almost perfectly packaged

Mmmmm, Votre Vu has come out with a lovely duo that reminds us to moisturize.  Duette is a thick hand creme that sinks in very quickly, leaving a scent of coconut and almonds behind:


But wait, there’s more!  After you’ve slathered the goodness onto your hands, arms (and frankly it is great for the feet), this 3.38 fl oz tube offers a hidden mirror and a .05 fl oz shea lip balm to stay kissable:


What’s Good:

  • Creme is a rich formula that really does the trick for hands
  • The pearlized package tubing is simple yet unique
  • Great summer scent
  • Clever packaging
  • Leaves a velvety, powdery finish that is neither dry nor oily

What’s Bad:

  • Scent is very powerful so use a light hand
  • Lid for lotion (my sample) doesn’t stay shut
  • Tube a little too much for airline carry-on (but is great in purse)
  • Lip balm can get grainy but smooths out

What’s Different:

  • Great year round product that is appropriate for gifting. Get your best gal pals or MIL a tube!

I find myself reaching for this product often.  Duette is available at Votre Vu’s website.

Product sent for review consideration by brand/brand representative

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L’Oreal Puts Lockdown on Shu Uemura – Leaving US

L’Oreal USA, a 35% share owner of Shu Uemura since 2000, is shutting down all US locations for the premiere Japanese brand.


Shu Uemura is best known for the cult favorite eyelash curler (in 24k gold even), gorgeous assortment of false eyelashes, and lavish cleansing oils.

shu_cleansingoils_goldThe beauty industry has been hit especially hard during this economic downturn, and very high priced brands like Shu, as beloved as they are, are not weathering well. The company was known for ingenious and unusual use of ingredients, seemingly sparing no expense to add to the line. For their deep sea water, which is a claim to fame, Mr. Uemura had a special pipe drilled and fitted to bring up the liquids from a depth (nearly 3300 feet) which he felt would satisfy. The water is piped in to his exclusive Japanese spa as well.  This kind of product quality and care is difficult to sustain in down times.

shuuemura_eyelashesAs much as this announcement will strike fear into beautyphiles, I don’t think it will do much harm. Most Shu fans in the US have probably never been to a Shu store, and buy merely on reputation and word of mouth. Would it be nice to saunter up to a counter to experience items first hand? Of course. But unless L’Oreal is intending to kill brand competition here, there is a chance the Shu legacy can actually improve by using luxury marketing’s oldest trick: increased desirability through limited accessibility.

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Shaving 101 with Gents founder Nicole Sommer

gentsWhat do most men have wrong when it comes to shaving (not using a proper lotion, shaving too quickly, not replacing blades often enough, etc.)?

Nearly 80% of men say shaving irritates their skin with razor burn being the most common complaint.  Men often cause razor burn by applying  too much pressure with their razor when shaving.  In addition, razor burn is often “product” burn. Many of the products that are designed for men are poorly formulated and contain far too many irritating ingredients like alcohol.  An aloe-based aftershave gel like Lev8 will ice you down in seconds after shaving, especially if you experience razor burn.

What is the best type of shaving cream to use and why?

Massage a quality shave cream, like Earth Science Shave Cream into the skin with upward motions. The best products will lock moisture into your whiskers and do not foam up – foam is merely soap filled water. Work that shave cream into your beard well to make sure your whiskers are softened into submission. Dry, rough beard hair can easily get entangled into your razor. Leave on one to three minutes before starting to shave.

How often should blades be replaced? Are there any benefits to using disposable razors versus just disposable blades versus electric shavers?  If so, what?

No matter how much you believe your razor is good enough for 1 or 2 more runs, any sight of rust is a bad sight. Always use a sharp blade. A dull blade is responsible for many shaving cuts as it drags over the face and catches the skin along with the hairs of the beard. Replace the blade every three to seven shaves.  Disposable razors are generally very lightweight and don’t’ give a man enough control.  Some have heads that don’t swivel and therefore don’t address the fact that your face has contour to it, making it more difficult to shave.  With an electric shaver you don’t need water or shaving cream and it is more difficult to cut yourself but you wouldn’t get as close a shave as with a traditional razor.  You also must have a source of electricity.

Should men alter their shaving routine in any way during colder winter months?

As skin can get dry and itchy in winter months, it’s even more important to finish up your shaving routine with a quality moisturizing lotion like Osea’s Atmosphere Protection Cream.  Shaving can remove up to two layer s of superficial skin and so you want to make sure that you’re protecting your skin from the elements.  It’s a good idea to moisturize in the evening as well since the skin loses more moisture at night.

How can men avoid nasty red bumps and ingrown hairs? If they already have them, how can they heal them best?’

Hair bumps occur when your hair, whether it is on your face or neck, begins to curl and dig into the hair follicle adjacent to the hair. When this occurs, irritation and inflammation occurs. Then, a razor bump or ingrown hair is born. Shaving often causes an ingrown hair problem to occur and that is why it is also referred to as razor bumps. Therefore, the best prevention technique is not to shave. Although this is a very logical approach, it is not very practical because not all men want facial hair.  Many individuals have found that shaving with an electric razor reduces the occurrence of hairs that are ingrown or razor bumps. This is likely due to the fact that electric razors do not shave as close as a wet blade. With blades, the shave is much closer and there is a greater chance of the cut and sharpened end of the hair to re-enter the hair follicle. Also, make sure that you set your electric razor’s setting to high in order to avoid close shaving.  The alternative is to practice proper shaving techniques consistently and  to follow certain shaving tips.

The best treatment is to moisturize the ingrown hair area several times a day and at night.  Also, use a multi-tasking cleanser like Osea Ocean Cleanser that cleans and exfoliates (gets rid of dead skin) since dead skin cells trap ingrown hairs underneath the skin’s surface.  The hair will eventually soften and liberate from the skin.  Shave the hair as usual and never tweeze.

Nicole Sommers is founder of Gents,LLC., a company which provides esthetician-endorsed shaving and skincare products for men.  She also offers shaving tips on both Gents Facebook fan page and on Twitter (@GentsSkinCare).

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Review – Burt’s Bees Fabulously Fresh Body Wash

burtsbees_faulouslyfreshIn winter, I really like my shower gels to pack a bit more of a wallop.  Stuffy noses aside, it just seems to take more effort to pull out that ‘get up and go’ when it is all gloom and doom outside.  My favorite standby, a clove scented concoction, was pushed to the wayside when I found my new love: Burt’s Bees Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash.

I know, it isn’t an earth shatteringly new blend, but it is a balanced blend, which makes it so inviting.  The peppermint is quality sweet, and there is just enough rosemary to take the sugary edge off.  The wash is also very invigorating, but not so much so that it leaves you in pain.  I am a fan of Dr. Bronner’s, but sometimes the love hurts in all the wrong places (if you know what I mean).

Some like a very thick viscosity with gels.  This is on the thinner side but unlike other formulations, it doesn’t miss a beat in performance.  I feel refreshingly clean and soft.  I am using this 12 oz bottle for everything – shower, hands, cleaning out the tub (omg did my bathroom smell great!).

Another positive for Burt’s Bees?  World domination means you can find the product almost everywhere.

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She’s Got The Look – Marisa Tomei – Sundance Film Festival

Many years ago around the time Marisa Tomei was nominated/won her Oscar, she was on a talk show discussing a dress malfunction that led her to Chanel and an almost out-of-body experience where they didn’t have a dress to accommodate and so they gathered as many beautiful silk scarves as they had and the magical fairy-seamtresses sat round her and whip-stitched a gown to her body on the spot.
I still remember the little needle and thread motions she made as she recounted the story of her up until then little secret, and the giddy excitement in her voice. It is in the same vein makeup artist Olaf Derlig shares what he used for the actress at Sundance Film Festival:

“I had an amazing result using Votre Vu today on Marisa Tomei. Getting Marisa ready right after she arrived from the airport going straight to her premiere it was very important to give her a nice fresh, glowey look and perfect skin appearance.”

Derlig used Wrinkle Eraser and Luxe Lips for the actress and called it a “must have product” when you need to look perfect.

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He’s Got The Look – Adrien Brody – Sundance Film Festival

The women aren’t the only ones that need to look pretty. Adrien Brody trusted his looks to makeup artist Jessica Liparoto during Sundance, and she used Votre Vu:

“I had gifted Adrien Brody with the fabulous Votre Vu products…(his) skin type would reflect the ‘Attentive’ line. He’s very particular about what he puts on his face and tends to stick to what he knows.”

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She’s Got The Look – Jennifer Lawrence – Sundance Film Festival

wireimage_sundance_jenniferlawrence What did Winter’s Bone actress use to prepare her skin from the harsh Utah climate? Makeup artist Jordan Long saw that Lawrence’s skin was protected with skincare line Votre Vu:

“I used the [Tragic Magic] Rescue Creme to calm her skin as she had slight redness. I also used the [Champagne Kisses] Enhancing Lip Balm which provided a nice nourishing base before I applied lipstick.”

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Review: Swissclinical Comfort Mask

Winter is well set in, and for most of us, our skin is feeling it.  While I use my Clarisonic to combat the little flakiness that shows on the surface, skin still needs a good dose of hydration now and then.  Those at Swissclinical Skin Solutions know this, and when they offered a test of their Moisturizing Mask from the Comfort line, I was more than happy to give it a try.

swissclinical_closeup Product comes with a spatula that I normally use

This product comes cleanly packaged in white/grey/red and frosted glass.  Very appealing.

The first thing I noticed about the mask mixture was the great ingredient list.  Free from parabens, colorants, mineral oils and fragrances, the mask focuses on using the said properties of:

  • Tamarind (improving elasticity and wrinkle reduction)
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (a must in hydration products)
  • Swiss Glacial Water
  • Mallow and Glycerin (to maximize softness and hydration retention)

The second thing I noticed is the consistency.  This isn’t a mask that dries on your face.  The texture is a little like a cornstarch paste or Vaseline, without any of the grease.  Zip.  It works best on moist skin, applied and left for 15-20 minutes.  At the end of the time it can be massaged in or remainder toweled off.  I really love that it could be kept on the skin to continue working/protecting if needed.  It does leave a bit of a residue with this method.  However, when (wet) towel dried off my skin feels baby bottom soft – seriously!  I love it.

I have a slight sensitivity to Phenoxyethanol, the organic preservative that is the go to for almost every cosmetic since parabens have been kicked to the curb. This means I can feel a tingly action most times when it is on.  No alarms.

There are four lines from Swissclinicals:

  • Correction – correct imperfections
  • Prevention- age prevention
  • Comfort-hydrate and tighten
  • Protection-protect against uv rays

I also found a second use for this as a hand mask as a weekly treatment.  At $85 a jar, you don’t want to go full body use, but a little does go a very long way and would be great for the in-between trips to the esthetician/spa.

Because this was from the comfort line, it was extremely gentle.  This mask works on the underlying layers of the skin, so you will still need your spf in moisturizer.  If you want to pamper yourself at home, try this Comfort Mask.

swissclinical_Comfort Swissclinical is also introducing a face cleansing system to their skincare lines.

Swissclinical donates a portion of their profits to the
Aquaverde Association to replant the Amazonian rain forest and also
financially supports and volunteers for the Swissclinical Foundation for the
World's Children which helps children in need around the world.

Swissclinical is available online at and at various
specialty retailers and spas nationwide.
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Review: Serum by jeune d’age organics

Serums address specific issues, such as anti-aging, as a highly concentrated cocktail of skin goodies.  Serums are not moisturizers and most must be combined with a moisturizer and applied on damp skin.

If you are a fan of natural and organic products, jeune d’age organics is a line to explore. The company sent a 30-day supply of one of their popular products from this newly launched (2009) line.

tobetterskin.com_serumHoused in biodegradable box that is suitable for gifting, the eco packaging follows Pangea’s suit for their soap line by urging the consumer to plant when completed for a new garden.   The serum also comes pre-packaged for precise dosage amounts (.05 oz), enough to cover face, neck and decolletage.  This makes it perfect for travel.

  • The ingredient list is a who’s who of skin loving raw materials and antioxidants: Meadowfoam, Rose Distillate, CoQ10, Hyaluronan, Vitamins A,B,C,E and more in an organic aloe base.
  • There are no artificial fragrances or parabens in this product.
  • The rose comes through with almost a lemony touch to the scent. The product is very liquid and cool on the skin.

I liked the product;  it also had a very cooling effect when applied.  On my skin, the serum did not completely penetrate, but that seemed to have no bearing on how it performed.

The serum pack sells for around $40, but jeune d’age organics is offering special pricing on their gift pack, which includes serum toner with pads, cleanser and moisturizer. It is always a treat to be able to review a natural and organic line, and it is clear that the development of the product line and relationships are important to the founders.

You can find this product at

Item reviewed provided by brand/brand representative. This site does not provide advertorials for content. All submissions are carefully tested and considered, but are not guaranteed coverage.

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Review: Payot Emulsion Minerale Reviving Regenerating Body Milk

This beautifully pearlized lotion is meant for the body. Light in weight and texture, it glides onto skin and is meant to protect and stimulate from the mother of pearl and gemstone content. This isn’t a heavy duty moisturizer; indeed the formulation could be the perfect antidote to summer skin dehydration. Year round it provides other beauties. Payot’s Emulsion Minerale silkiness pampers, and the scent is one that has everyone over the moon! I brought it in to share and women were grabbing the bottle to apply, then apply a little more before they went out. It was unanimous the scent and subtle sheen it left on the skin is intoxicating. I’m hoarding it again for myself this morning.

Payot Emulsion Minerale Reviving Regenerating Milk is available at 360 beauty.

Item reviewed provided by brand/brand representative. This site does not provide advertorials for content. All submissions are carefully tested and considered, but are not guaranteed coverage.

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The Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft Tyes the Knot

Melissa Rycroft, made famous on The Bachelor for getting the man, not getting the man, and now getting THE man, has tied the knot with former flame Tye Strickland,  also from Dallas.  Strickland and Rycroft dated three years ago but became serious after she became available again when her televised engagement was called off.

The former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader kissed her groom to Monday Night Football in Isla Mujeres.  While she was barefoot in her strapless corsetted Alfred Angelo gown, Rycroft surely glowed with her customized skin treatments performed by celebrity aesthetician Renee Rouleau.


Melissa started with a facial, quickly became hooked and trusted her big day to Renee.  I am a huge fan of the Vitamin C & E.  To find out which products are best for you, find out your skin type.  Happy day, Melissa and Tye!

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WWPD? Susan Kim, Daybreak TMJ4

The WWPD (What Would Pros Do) segment gets in your face to find out what is on the faces of people who are on-camera for their profession. If the makeup is good enough for them, it is good enough for us!
Susan Kim co-anchors TMJ4’s Live at Daybreak from 5:00am – 7:00am with Vince Vitrano.

Do you have an on set makeup artist or do your own makeup?

SK: I do my own makeup.

What brands do you use to get HD ready?

SK: I use Make Up For Ever foundation, primer, and powder. Lorac, Nars and sometimes MAC eye shadows and blush.

Does the look you need for on-camera also work outside of the studio?

SK: I usually go work out after work and I wipe off a lot of it. If I don’t work out, I keep it on for the most part. Just too busy to take it off and start all over again. Sometimes if I’m home for the day, I just wash it all off!


Ed note: Make Up For Ever (aka MUFE) is indeed a great line, and Susan Kim picks her supplies up at Sephora.

See the Solessence review on Elixir here

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Celebrate National Skin Care Awareness Month – Free Product 9/30


As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is most apparent in skincare, where positive, lifelong habits and great product can prevent or dramatically lessen unhealthy tone and aging.

Celebrity skincare expert Renee Rouleau believes everyone needs to understand how to care for the skin they are in, and founded National Skin Care Awareness Month to help the movement. Says Rouleau:

“I know that consumers are confused with the myriad of information available when it comes to caring for their skin. It is my goal–to set the story straight–by sharing my 20+ years of hands-on experience with others so they can be a smarter skin care consumer. I share real and truthful information, that anyone can benefit from, regardless which line of products they use.”

For Texans, the month ends easy on the eyes when, on September 30th, Renee Rouleau Skin Care Spas in Dallas and Plano offer free, no purchase necessary, skincare gift bags for the taking!

Between 10am – 2pm, these gift bags will be delivered by her signature special event staff: Male models in “I heart Renée Rouleau” t-shirts, brought right to your carside.

This is the same skincare with clients that include Melissa Rycroft, Brooke Shields, Lisa Rhinna.

The Front Door Gift Bag Pickup Promo bag includes the follow: Gift Certificate, skin care samples and other skin care products for a total value of $100.00

Make sure you do a drive-by at one of the following locations on September 30, and drop us a photo!


  • Dallas
    One Arts Plaza
    1722 Routh St.
    Dallas, TX 75201
  • Plano
    Renée Rouleau Skin Care Spa
    4025 Preston Road, Ste. 606
    Plano, TX 75093
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Mint Buffing Beads by Renee Rouleau

Verdict: Leaves skin feeling Minty Fresh!

Renee Rouleau was voted Best Spa by Allure Magazine Readers, 2008. Products are sold exclusively at Renee Rouleau Spas and website

Summer is coming to a close. That means time to start hoarding up on products to keep the skin bright throughout winter! Renee Rouleau’s ‘face polisher’ is a perfect pick for the job.

Free of artificial fragrance or dyes, perfectly round spheres are suspended in a creamy base that includes Vitamin K and Peppermint oil. When smoothed onto the skin, the result is an awakening to the senses, both through olfactory and topical stimulation. Capillary repair is said to be an additional benefit of the Vitamin K.

Effective without harsh stinging, this is certainly a skin treat that can be enjoyed year round. That just may be the case in my house, where I can’t seem to stop smelling, and using, this product.

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Solessence Radio: Jennifer Yen of pur~lisse, 8/7 @ 9amC/10amEST

Solessence Radio: Friday, August 7th 9am C/10am EST (click here for link)

To celebrate her launch on QVC, purlisse founder Jennifer Yen is offering FREE purlisse lip moisturizer, $22 value! This product is getting rave reviews. Enter your shipping information HERE and mention “Solessence” and skin type to get your full size lippy. Then get ready to shop next week. THIS OFFER GOOD UNTIL 8/12, 10PM PST (QVC launch)

Jennifer Yen combines Chinese beauty rituals with French skincare technology to create her line, pur~lisse. Join as she shares how she wound up in the beauty business.

Already carried in high end locations, her line debuts on QVC on 8/13 @ 1am EST and 8/12 @ 10pm PST. Jennifer will be launching the pur~youth preserve age delay skin serum, and let me tell you, it is a WINNER. The retail price on this product is $79, but the special introductory price on QVC will be $59.09 for this event.

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Review: Pevonia Botanica Enzyme Peeling Cream

Product Type: Exfoliate
Skin Types: All
Use: 1 – 2 times a week home treatment
Also available as spa treatment

Organic: No
Green Category: Yes

Pevonia’s Enzymo-Sperides Peeling Cream (1.7 oz)

Reason for Use: Skin noticeably sluggish after long Wisconsin winter

Performance: Pevonia’s Peeling Cream had instant results for my skin. The formulation boasts encapsulated enzymes that don’t create a reaction until activated by the user. This meant a premixed, rich clay/titanium dioxide/starch texture that took very little product.

1) Cleanse, pat dry
2) Apply small pea size amount to face (spatula enclosed), smooth into skin keeping away from eyes
3) Let work for two minutes. Rinse well with cloth to remove all traces. Apply lotion.

This product is meant to remove dead cells in a very gentle way, and it does. I feel it works better than salicylic acid formulations I have tried (both spa and home). There are a number of ingredients that stimulate circulation. A shot of dimethicone leaves a soft, protected finish and lemon oil a pleasant scent.

Don’t be fooled – All of these ingredients can cause irritation. For that I hesitate recommending it more than once a week. It really is a workhorse.

My only concern, as a site that focuses on natural, is the use of titanium dioxide. I suspect this is a micronized form which in leave on products has negative affects on health. However as a wash off, I am comfortable using it.

I sense I could miss this product from my skincare routine.

I recommend it.

Enzyme Peeling Cream uses a natural, paraben-free preservative.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Pevonia Botanica is a well established prestige skincare line primarily sold in spas, and now through their new consumer site, .

My first experience with Pevonia was during vacation in the Caribbean. I’ve enjoyed seeing this brand grow and change over the years, including the refreshing repackaging using frosted glass and plastics. In my opinion, this was a much needed overhaul for the look. It feels very soothing and, ergonomic, if you will.

I was very happy to try Pevonia’s line again because 1) it had previously been tough to repurchase product, and some time had passed, 2) the islands played a trick on my skin and I felt the Combination formula I was steered toward didn’t really work once on the less humid homestead. Honest mistake.

I interviewed Janet Morgan from Pevonia earlier this month when we discussed the launch of the new site, SPATEEN and MEN’S LINE, and business in general. If you missed the interview, “Launches in the Luxury Market”, you can catch it here.

This is the first in a series of reviews on select Pevonia products.

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Pevonia Botanica launches – Exclusive Announcement!

First world-wide announcement made on Solessence Radio Show
Pevonia Botania, one of the finest prestige skincare lines in the spa industry,launches a new consumer website today, May 4, 2009.

Previously available only through spas and premier hotels, the new site offers a way for current customers and those interested in the product to make purchases from the comfort of their keyboard. Multiple specials are running, including free samples, free shipping (orders over $50) and big giveaway prizes. Lines include the new SpaTeen and a skincare set for men.

For more information on how this line is expanding in a down economy without sacrificing their image, listen live or download the Solessence interview with Janet Morgan of Pevonia, here!

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