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Posted by on Apr 5, 2007 | 0 comments

The ‘Size Matters’ controversy (no laughing matter)

I’d like to touch on something that has been around for a while but is not widely known. It is also a subject heavy on my mind (no pun intended, as you will understand later). As this isn’t a board for cosmetic review, I have not been sure of the appropriateness of the topic here. However, I think it is important enough to post for you to read if you choose, and take a minute to reflect on the content.

Nano technology has been one of the ‘trendy’ ingredients in cosmetic manufacturing for some time. Primarily, titanium dioxide for sunscreens, although there are a number of other culprits. And for some time, scientific reports have been coming in that these ingredients that are so small they are able to penetrate the skin, travel to the brain, and…collect in little pools. The end of this first intial report I read (nearly two years ago) stated it was too early to determine if there was any harm to this happening. Does it really sound like a good thing?
Sunscreen addicts, take note: nano technology is found in many types of beauty products, but sunscreen was the primary audience for this development. I urge you to review labels before you buy and to scrutinize what is currently in your stockpile.
A post from Friends of the Earth touches on this subject from the consumer side and gives a good overview in layman terms. Please, take a moment to read the information and come to your own conclusions.
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