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Posted by on Jan 30, 2008 | 0 comments

Blogs: Ab Fab 2007

Confess: Your closet blog-reading obsession now has your “Favorites” link in your browser on overload, your work hours and coffee break times reversed, and your head crammed full of cultural trivia/fashion forward fever. Sure, the screensaver altar of your favorite beauty blog writers is a little odd, surrounded by the lit, fragrant candles they’ve recommended in the past – but there are vices worse than blog stalking.

Take all of that devotion to good use and put it in a vote on the “The Fabbies”, a lockdown of who’s who among blog writers – a People’s Choice Awards, if you will. Your contribution to pinpointing the web’s finest will be rewarded with a virtually streaming red carpet on January 31 for the winning blogs.

At a complete loss for who to rally to the finish? Here, an earnest and honest request from Shannon Nelson, a blogger who has experienced a fairy tale rise from SAHM of 3 (now 4) to full-time blogger and PR rep. Her simple start: the lone woman in a male dominated household turned to blogging to share her love of beauty. She now attends Fashion Week in NY and interviews some of the top beauty experts in the world – and shares it with all of us. It doesn’t get any more amazing than this.

Take a moment to vote for your favorites at Fabbies. VOTING ENDS JANUARY 30!

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