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Posted by on Jan 28, 2008 | 0 comments


Due to work conflict I missed SAG and didn’t Tivo either, so I resorted to the delightful Beauty Addict’s posts (brillz!) and then this, the apparent brangelina network that is fox news. I am as eager as the next person to see if the bold and beautiful is carrying twins (and with that tent of a dress and set of new knockers, it will be a shock if she isn’t) but I was dismayed the first 37 photos seemed to be of the two. I forwarded to the 60s and still was coming up Pitts.

What happened here?

I honestly thought this was CarrotTop. Mz Messing looks a hot mess, which is so unlike her! I’m one to talk, but I’m not showing up red carpet either. Some disaster surely happened beforehand. The gown is gorgeous, just think hair didn’t make it to the church on time. If that stylist wasn’t in a deadly accident, I would be expecting some trouble…

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