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Posted by on Feb 22, 2008 | 0 comments

Blush Report

Today I am using the Wine and Roses butter.

A few reasons I like your shea butter:

1. The consistency of the butter is great. It is smooth and easy to spread (after using at night, I run my hands through the ends of my hair for extra conditioning). Some others are a little hard or grainy. Another feels like ordinary body cream/lotion. Whether it helps or not with stretch marks in the end, you want to feel like the “belly butter” is a special product.

2. It feels good right away on my skin…others I tried are cold. Nice for the summer, but a bit too chilly for me right now.

3. Soft skin, but not too much residue. One brand left a greasy residue and was all over my shirt.

4. The container. I don’t like the container of x’xxx shea butter. I have swollen fingers and often times useless thumbs (pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome) so a simple lid is important. x’xxx has a metal knob that is annoying. Also, another brand is in a toothpaste-like tube, and after a couple of uses, the product squeezes out of the wrong end.

5. Natural ingredients. Anything natural and/or organic is much appreciated.

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