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Posted by on May 23, 2008 | 0 comments

Billy B, Cannes, Roberto Cavalli & Vogue

What’s missing from this list? Oh yeah, RC’s YACHT and Sharon Stone. Got an email from Billy last night about his time at Cannes (working, such is the life). He’s in Cannes with Ms. Stone, and enjoying time on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht.

Today he shoots Spanish Vogue, then another session with Sharon. What does Billy say about all of this?

“I’m tired!”

lol, Life is sweet Billy – you’ve earned it.

Roberto Cavalli RTW 2008

The juxtaposition of the tight fitting winterish top with the billowy skirt leaves me swooning…

Something sweet for spring.

Not feeling the Homecoming Queen look, but the dress is lovely.

Black and White and to be seen all over…

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