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Posted by on Sep 29, 2009 | 0 comments

AquaLim for Bathing Beauties

Did you ever stop to think that while teenage boys may repel at the sight of showers, teenage girls practically live in them? The bathing ritual is the basis for such things as the beauty blog, and the love of bath and beauty products. Who doesn’t like to be fresh and clean? The downside to all of this pampering is 1) the difficulty getting your turn in the loo, and 2) practically zero water conservation, leading to an enormous water bill. aqualim_murphy_daughter

Terry Murphy experienced the latter when his teenage daughter started to make their bathroom a second bedroom. Needing a way to tackle the mounting water costs, he developed the AquaLim, an ingenious waterhead that mounts to your existing hardware and works on the amount of water used, not time. Once the alotted gallons are gone, AquaLim shuts down to a dribble. Still in mid-soap? Turning the shower off, then on again, resets to allow you to finish.

According to Murphy, his family started off using 3-4 cycles of water with the AquaLim, and are now down to 1-2 cycles. He won the 2009 Episode Award on Australia’s The New Inventors. The invention sounds like a perfect compromise to us. You can register on site to be one of the first notified when shipping.

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