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Posted by on Sep 20, 2009 | 1 comment

Simply Vera Wang Steel Grey Towel hits Kohls

simplyverawang_towels(color not shown)

Vera Wang is finally getting her way.

After a three year discussion with Kohls, the department store she collaborates with on her Simply Vera Wang line, Ms. Wang will finally be introducing the Steel Grey towel line she has desired for so long.

No word on why Kohls was hesitant.  However, the release comes at a time where grey is the hottest color of the season, and it will continue to carry through spring.

Grey towels add a touch of luxury to cool colored bathroom decor and work well for both sexes.  Grey does have a tendency to go violet over time, but using a color guard in your detergent will help maintain the beauty in the dyes of all of your fabrics. It is a good practice to get into for all of your laundry.

The Steel Grey Towel Simply Vera Wang line is hitting stores now. Call ahead to make sure it has arrived in the location near you.

This isn’t the only towel project that has been close to Vera Wang’s heart.  Coming up, another multi-year project is green lighted – but we can’t divulge on that yet. You’ll be the first to know when we can share.

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