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Posted by on May 27, 2010 | 12 comments

27 Days of Shellac

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Milwaukee/Mequon/Shorewood area: Make your appointment now for this 14-day manicure online or call (414) 964-9311

A quick trip into the life cycles of Shellac.  See for yourself how the nail beds look after 27 days.
Client Carly responded immediately to the announcement of Shellac and changed out her color at day 14, even though it was perfect,  to mix it up for her vacation.  She ended up breaking a nail and bending others in a luggage mishap,  but was so blown away that the polish still looked great, and held together other nails that bent, that she sent a photo right from the plane.  “I think it would have been much worse if I hadn’t had the the Shellac on.”  Luvs!

Another thing – Carly is a salon owner, so her hands take a beating with dye and water daily.  Her manicure remained beautiful.

At day 13 she came in to trim back the broken nails and selected another Shellac color. She’s hooked, and so are we!

Book an appointment for your own Shellac experience with me.

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