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Posted by on May 26, 2010 | 25 comments

CND Shellac – Color Swatches

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I’ve been working with Shellac for the last month and have to say, it is an amazing product!  I finally had a minute to swatch but had to stop because of the rain.  The largest photo is Negligee, which is one of the most requested colors. L to R: Negligee, Strawberry Smoothie, Romantique, Rose Bud, Tropix, Hot Chilis, Cappuccino, Cream Puff, Fedora(more to come)

cnd_shellac_negligeecnd_shellac_strawberrysmoothiecnd_shellac_romantique cnd_shellac_rosebudcnd_shellac_tropixcnd_shellac_hotchiliscnd_shellac_icedcappuccinocnd_shellac_creampuff

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  1. Hi can u old name the colours you used on ur swatches? Love then all!!!

  2. Hello Colleen! Glad the swatches are helping! My first instinct was Beau might work for you. You are not doing a french, right? Just an overall whiteish base and pink layer. I’d try one layer of Romantique (make sure this is a fresh bottle/well shaken) to slightly mask the nail bed, then go over with Beau or Negligee (depending on skin tone). Here is a link to how one coat of Romantique will look:

    Strawberry Smoothie does have a slight shimmer/metallic. Layered with iced coral or negligee does soften and look very pretty, but will give you a very opaque nail.

  3. This is sooooo helpful! I’m totally in love with your web site … It’s so tough to judge just by the bottles, especially when looking for a sheer color like I am. You are saving my life here! :)

    I’ve always used 1 coat each of Essie’s Sugar Daddy with East Hampton Cottage which has this really nice sheer shimmer … for a super-crisp-and-clean semi-sheer white-ish-pink nail. I’m looking for a shellac color (or colors) which would mimic that oh-so-specific look.

    Does Strawberry Smoothie have a slightly shimmery or metallic look?

    Thanks for the amazing pictures!

  4. Pearl, which version of OPI Bubble Bath, lol. They have undergone some changes, seems like they’ve moved from pink to tan.

    Romantique is a beautiful soft pink-white, and with one artfully applied coat I’d say it’s pretty similar. Top it off with Clearly Pink for a great French.

    Romantique is a bit more opaque with two coats. It’s good for the client that doesn’t really want to see her nail bed. Very popular in the salons and with celebs too (Katy Perry is a huge fan).


  5. Hillary : Does Romantique look similar to OPI Bubble Bath ?

    I tried posting it earlier but not sure why it didnt show up. Sorry if it ends up as a duplicate post.

  6. Thanks Hillary. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Hi Pearl,

    I’ve only used two coats. I would suggest they shake the bottles very well, it is possible they are not getting the pigment mixed.
    Romantique does take a bit of skill to get fluid. If the tech is having trouble, it’s better to do three thin coats to get it even.

  8. How many coats of Shellac have you applied for the swatches ?
    The salon I go to applies 2 coats and I dont get the same shade for Romantique or Negligee. Yours looks exact like the bottle color !

  9. Wow- it’s crazy that the nails look exactly like the bottle color. So many times you don’t find that to be the case. How long does this brand of polish typically last before chipping?


  11. Hey,
    I love Shellac.
    Can I use your pictures to put on my Facebook,
    to show the different colors?

  12. You’re welcome!

  13. I cannot thank you enough!!! I have been searching everywhere to see someone try on all the colors. YEAH YOU!!!!!


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