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Posted by on May 24, 2010 | 10 comments

Master Cleanse: Day 1

That’s the cleanse baby – you the master now! ~ My callous response many years ago to a Craiglister asking about diarrhea with Master Cleanse.


Ah, funny how life turns things around. What I once scoffed I now embrace – I have embarked on the Master Cleanse diet because, well, because, it actually seems “easy”. Wait, let me lay it out:

  • It’s hot outside, which means food doesn’t seem too appealing
  • I prefer drinking beverages over chewing
  • I often take a huge hit of lemon or limes or both in water
  • I  live off of watermelon with cayenne pepper and lime juice over it

But let’s back up a little to what the Master Cleanse is.  Developed in the 1940’s, MC was touted as a way to flush toxins from the body while also jump starting weight loss.  It has been used in Hollywood for a long time, most famously in recent years by Beyonce.  I’ve toyed with doing this for a while, but it seemed sort of a silly way to lose weight.  Until I realized it might actually be doable.

I gave myself a lot of mind prep, and last night I started with the salt mix.  This acts as a diuretic and you are warned to be near a bathroom for 1.5 hours after you take it.  Let’s just say, it worked well!  This morning I started full swing with the salt mix, and I’ve already gone through two mixtures of the lemonade.  I have swapped out molasses for the syrup as recommended for the time being.

I feel very full.  My mouth is a bit tingly from all of the cayenne.  The sweet and the sour have balanced out nicely.  I have hardly used the bathroom.

I had a standing lunch date, but the other party didn’t want to eat alone so asked to move it 🙁  and I managed to make it through french toast and eggs with my son.

I did think I should be making something solid a few times.  And I only have one more lemonade before hitting my max today, so that has me a little concerned.  Of course you can have additional water and tea, but those never seem to curb cravings.

Will be going into this 10 days at a time to see what happens.  Hope it is relatively as smooth as today (crossing fingers).

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