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Posted by on Jul 30, 2010 | 5 comments

Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lip Color

Last week was a crazy one!  Monsoon-like rains hit Milwaukee the day before our filming for AOL’s and wreaked havoc just streets over.  It made the national news.  Thankfully, everyone is okay (except for a few good stories I’ll share later) and the salon didn’t suffer any water damage.  We have definitely sent up the prayers and help for friends and clients that have had some very bad experiences.

With all that happened it seems trivial to mention I couldn’t make it to Sephora because I was essentially trapped in the salon until around 8:30pm.  Then it took me 2 hours to get home.  I was doing makeup for Peggy and our model Anne, and they had dutifully picked up the Makeup Forever HD Foundation the day before.  I really needed to make sure they had some lippy and Diamond Shine, mascara – you know the drill.  What’s a girl to do in a panic?

I went to Walgreens.

covergirl_outlast_allday_lipcolorOne of the first things I loaded in my basket was Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lip Color.  I had never tried this product before, but the colors and packaging were great.  A promise to last 16 hours?  Yeah, that works too.  I had a mix of lighter colors/complexion matches already pulled so I tried a plumier color (name was only on packaging, but tube reads #555).  As I suspected, both were better with the lighter colors.  I decided to try it for myself.

I am in love!

This has apparently been on the market for years, undergoing one or two formulation changes.  The set comes with two tubes: One color, one clear overshine.  The color is applied with a doe-foot applicator, and looks very glossy.  When lightly applied, it dries very quickly to a matte shade. The overshine is a simple balm that adds back moisture and sheen to the lips – “comfort” as the packaging states.

I’ve used this type of system before and had mixed results.  Often the product would dry to the point of pain.  It would begin peeling off.  It didn’t really last all day.

This product does it all!  The coverage is even and beautiful.  The color is flattering (I even press my lips after applying).  Obviously the shine takes a beating, but my preference was for the color, and I actually like the matte version.  A little too dry to wear solo, but I can put up with a lot.

Does it last all day?  The color lasted through meals, drinks and I didn’t make great effort to remove it going to bed.  In the morning, there was still some stain left.  In a way the staying power is better than my Chanel that I love.  The Chanel keeps the shine, but I’m all about the color.

Have you been able to outlast Outlast?

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