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Posted by on Feb 23, 2011 | 40 comments

Color Swatches – CND Shellac Spring 2011- March Release

Click here for the new Fall September 2011 CND Shellac colors and here for layering options

Finally!  New CND Spring/March swatches can begin. I have seen the colors and layering options a few times over, and they are fun!  Thanks to CND I was able to provide better photos of the spring 2011 Shellac release  for you in this December post  and, as I did with the first set of Shellac, I’ll be adding actual hand watches.  These are all two coats with base and top.

I’ll continually update this page until all Shellac swatches are available.  To get you this information before the March launch, so you know what you want to order and/or try on first, I’m posting photos as I can get swatches.  They will be updated for better lighting/consistent look. Keep checking back.

Rock Royalty – the bottle is not a match. This is a plum/purple

 Black Pool – Very rich black

Hollywood – True to the bottle, and even prettier.  If you can handle a bright red, this one is flecked with metallics.  Stunning.

Iced Coral – A very useful layering color, this is also a great peach/pink with a hint of green.  I’m not the biggest fan of frosts but this one is perfect for my skintone. 

Gotcha – This bubbly pink is much brighter than the original photo but softer than last year’s Tutti Frutti. Shown with glitter

Cocoa – This is a lovely camel that serves as a really pretty base for Shellac layering or with the right skin tone as an updated neutral.

Original Cocoa photo swatch:

Decadence – This is a tough one to photograph.  It keeps popping out cherry red – I’d say the thumb is the closest in shade.  In terms of swatching, it is very similar to the CND Jason Wu collection red.  It is on the sheer side, like a jelly.  I didn’t think that was possible with Shellac.  Very, very pretty, but looks best with three coats. 









Hot Pop Pink
It doesn’t get much pinker than this! Similar to OPI’s Strawberry Margarita.

Beau – You may wonder why you are getting the color Negligee in a Romantique bottle, but wait, there are differences. Beau comes on with a bit of a violet/blue and white transparency. This alternates as a good layering and base color as well.

Clearly Pink Clearly Pink is that crystal clear with a hint of pink color many have been asking for. Although Pink & White/Traditional Frenches have been out for many years now, think of the base color used. There you have it. It makes for an extremely clean looking nail, but is a little too clear if you have any trouble spots or damaged nails. Example below shows how nice it looks on nail, and how exposed any damage will be.

Mmmm, this is one I was waiting for. It has the same richness as Red Baroness but a lot more pink. It photos a bit mottled. While it is highly pigmented, 3 coats can probably ease out any shadowing if you are having troubles. Very true to the bottle color, even a tad darker.


Mother of Pearl

Contrary to most impressions, Mother of Pearl is not a white Shellac with glitter, but a clear with glitter.  It’s very random how the glitter lays – I find multiple shakes and laying the bottle on the side helps get the glitter on the brush.  Very, very hard to photograph, you can see a pic of it overlaid on Black Pool below, as well as how it can look coming out of the bottle



This new batch of colors plus the first release brings 24 colors total, but CND’s original goal had been to have 100 by fall.  Not sure if they are still up to that but these new colors bring the a huge variety of layering options.  Here are a few:

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