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Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 | 0 comments

Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Styling Cream

It started as a sad two weeks for Solessence. First, I’ve been using this Moroccan Moisture Repair Shampoo because after a stint with ombre, my ends were getting a bit dry. Oh, the shine and the softness were divine! But not realizing I was slipping into a depression that was leading to what is almost hair suicide, as I was begging for a perm over the last several days.  Where did this come from? It hit me today as I went back to Leonor Greyl that the Moroccan shampoo is just too smoothing for my hair. However, if you’ve got a noggin’ that can wear it flat, you will love this stuff:

I fared much better with this styling cream. You can feel in the consistency that it is easily absorbed into the hair strands, wet or dry. I found two pumps were best for my hair, and I kept it mostly in the lower 1/3rd of my strands. No weighing down, actually allowed for a bit of lift.

The great thing about this product is the versatility. Mix a pump of this with a pump of Moroccan Oil to get super sleek, shiny straight hair with just a flat iron.

Two thumbs up for conditioning and styling.

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