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Posted by on Mar 29, 2011 | 7 comments

Wow! Shellac Service Failure!

Don’t try this in your salon! 
This client was getting Shellac manicures at another salon – no cuticle work ever done, no removal, just layer after layer and all peeling from the back and front. She thought because some of it was staying on well past the polish point, that was the point. 

Sort of shiny, but not very pretty is it?  She cleaned up nicely with a ton of cuticle work, beautiful new coat of Rosebud and layer of Negligee over it and left smiling all the way.  Remember, PEP is critical (Perform manicure, Eliminate surface contaminates, Purify nail plate).  Shellac should look smooth and shiny and even toned from the moment applied until removed.  Only the tell-tale growout should be the issue.

As a comparison, here is a properly applied Shellac (ayup, with glitter) that was on 6 weeks (client could not get in due to travel and sick): 

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