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Posted by on May 24, 2011 | 8 comments

CND Shellac – Romantique Swatches

NEW! The header tab at top of the page contains swatches

Pearl recently asked a few questions in a CND Swatches post about the color Romantique. I thought I’d go ahead and post additional swatches here because it might be helpful to others.

Note: I’ve enhanced the French tip on the ring finger to further demonstrate coverage

Q: How many coats of Shellac have you applied for the swatches ? The salon I go to applies 2 coats and I dont get the same shade for Romantique or Negligee. Yours looks exact like the bottle color !
A: My swatches are two coats of color. It is possible they are not getting the pigment mixed enough. I would suggest they shake the bottle very well to ensure uniform color. Also, Romantique does take a bit of skill to get fluid. If the tech is having trouble, it’s better to do three thin coats to get it even.

Q: Does Romantique look similar to OPI Bubble Bath ?
A: OPI’s formulas have been undergoing a lot of changes since the Coty buyout, and the new Bubble Bath is a different shade, horribly streaky and takes multiple coats. In that regard, I would say no. CND Shellac Romantique is a beautiful milky pink. With one layer it can provide a nice base for a French. With two layers it is an opaque finish.

Romantique – one layer (no topcoat)
Provides a masking layer for French. More opaque than the pink Negligee and gives a pink-white cast.

Romantique – two coats (no topcoat)
Opaque coverage. If having trouble achieving this look, opt for three thin coats. Or, you can opt for three layers to give complete, zero sheer coverage.


Romantique is the option for someone wanting a creme based color where the nail won’t be seen. It is very feminine with a bit of bold, and one of the most popular Shellac colors in my salon. It’s no stranger to celebs either – Katy Perry is also a big fan of this color and has been Shellac’d multiple times.

I’ll find a set of fingers to update with a BB comparison.

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