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Posted by on May 1, 2011 | 2 comments

Kate Middleton Royal Wedding: Why Bridesmaids Wear White

Who’s That Girl?

Color for bridesmaids is a relatively new thing, an American thing in particular.  And while Kate and William switched many things up to be less traditional British and a little more red, white and blue, one move was decidedly without color. 

When I saw Pippa and the party I was so excited an old superstition tradition carried forward. 

It used to be that the bridal party dressed in white to confuse any evil spirits from successfully targeting and taunting the bride on her most important day (and ever after).  Of course I’m not sure this is why Kate chose white for her day, but Pippa looked so smashing there won’t be a ghost of a chance this royal wedding is getting ruined.

Anyone else remember this bridal train move from the 80s/90s? The only thing missing is all of the bouquets on the hem.  Seriously.

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