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Posted by on Jun 23, 2011 | 2 comments

I Minx’d a Boy (and I Liked It) – IBS Las Vegas

My partner in Advanced Level 1 Certification at IBS Las Vegas

I had a chance to cover the International Beauty Show Las Vegas (IBS) last weekend and had a blast! Along with the many exhibitors, IBS also hosted the Nail Pro Competition, ran alongside the Esthetician tradeshow and hosted a ton of workshops on hair, nail, beauty, business.  Most were offered at no additional charge with price of admission, but a few also extended out to more-indepth training.

One class I couldn’t pass up was a Minx Nails workshop with Naja. She was the first manicurist to apply the patterned, full nail covering called Minx that offers the only true metallic for nails. Naja now does Minx for Fergie, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, the list goes on. She knows her stuff. 

She also released her own line of Minx at the show – behold the board that was pretty much sold out by the time I came back.

She gave a great talk on a mix of the business, then application side of Minx and mentioned she was giving a certification class that evening.  A chance to get hands-on training with The Naja?  I did not plan for this at all, but I just had to attend.  Had to attend. Especially since the new lace styles and more are ideal for layering over Shellac. It’s a complimentary match made in heaven.
The training room was decked out. I was so sad my pinkie was not already done so I could flash it when eating my cucumber sandwich.

Hey everyone – it’s Lucien from @MinxNailsDotCom

Although I’d had a lot of foreplay with Minx (I’ve even got a little hoarder stash of patterns I’ve purchased in the past), this was the first time I’d gone all the way. I was totally hooked.

Not only was Naja there, but Lisa Logan (Beyonce’s Minxacurist) also co-trained. Check out her line of Minx patterns and see Bey on the cover of W this month with a fab set.
Naja, Lisa – in fact it seemed like the entire crew was there, including founders.

It was 3 good hours and I am really glad I did it. I was right back to work the next day and two clients BEGGED for what they saw on my hand. I caved on the second and gave her a Minx pedicure. She’s wearing it with a gold and silver dress for Saturday. I have to say it looked pretty amaze.

Minx is available in around 240 patterns, and I’ve been Minxing away. Education is crucial for any product, and you can’t go wrong taking a session or two with Minx.  Check out the site and have fun.

Thanks to Nokia & Elle (style correspondent event), I was able to capture many of the conference photos on the gorgeous new Nokia N8 in this spectacular pink. Much love to Southwest Airlines & Journal-Sentinel for getting me there and back.

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