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Posted by on Jul 4, 2011 | 2 comments

CND Shellac Layering: Iced Coral

NEW! The header tab at top of the page contains swatches

Sorry for inundating with swatches. I’d normally spread things out but I’m trying to take advantage of the holiday/down time to catch up on all of the editing.

Iced Coral is one of the prettiest Shellac colors for spring/summer and a great layering shade. It gives a bit of a peachy frost with a tinge of green. It usually softens and lightens any color you put it over, and smooths out the appearance (for example, over Iced Cappuccino). Over the different pinks and reds you get what I call sunshiney shades, and a good mix of peaches.

Iced Coral over Tropix

Iced Coral over Tutti Frutti

Iced Coral over Hot Pop Pink

Iced Coral over Gotcha

Iced Coral over Rose Bud

Iced Coral over Cappuccino

Iced Coral over Cocoa

Iced Coral over Romantique

Iced Coral over Strawberry Smoothie

Iced Coral over Black Pool
Putting Iced Coral over Rock Royalty or Fedora will have similar results. There is a slight color difference, but almost negligible.

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