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Posted by on Sep 20, 2011 | 1 comment

CND Pretty Poison nails at Jen Kao: MBFW

CND created some crazy beautiful nails at Jen Kao this, their 15th year at Fashion Week New York

Leah models the complete look – it was her birthday

The premise was partially based on a “bad girl” so the base was spray-painted black with strong colors faded to the tips.  While models wore one color, CND’s Jan Arnold donned different colored tips for a poisonous frog look.  I actually saw a poisonous frog exhibit earlier this year at MPM and the nails took me right back.  I’ve been obsessing.

You don’t need a spray paint machine to get this look at home or salon. Check out the gorgeous Wanda Ruiz as she shares for ways you can achieve this dramatic look. Here’s to another fabulous 15 years CND!

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