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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 | 3 comments

Working with Pigments: CND’s new Additives and Shellac

A little while ago I mentioned CND Additives – a range of high grade pigments that will rock your nail world by allowing you to mix, blend, cover and just all out create with color. The distribution date is still a ways off (target: July), but I’ve been getting so many questions on how to use them I thought I’d start posting suggestions.  CND Additives are perfect for Shellac, Brisa Gel and Liquid & Powders, so I’ll do a different post for each product type to get your minds working on  to incorporate the product to your line using Shellac.  Today’s post is covering one of the easiest ways to use these pigments, and that is as a layer:

1. Create new colors through layering

Easily increase your color line with a simple wash of pigments.  Longing for summer pastels?  You can have them with Shellac and Additives.

How to create Lavender/Lilac nails

  • Create a base color using one coat of Purple Purple (cure) and one coat of Moonlight & Roses (cure).
  • Brush a thin, even coat of CND Additives Violet Pearl Pigment
  • For a lavender look, one coat is fine.  You can see in the photo below how just one layer drastically changes the base color.

For a lilac look, use two or more coats.  The more coats, the lighter your look will get.

Float your topcoat over and cure for the finish.

You like?

This is the first in a series. Check back for more ways on how to use the new CND Additives.

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