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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 | 0 comments

Do real men get Mani/Pedis?

Does this look like a girly man to you?

Former model and Wisconsin local favorite Alan David Charles shares his spa experiences with Solessence readers

Male manicures are becoming a hot service trend, but you’ve been ahead of that trend for years. Think back to your first – how did that happen?

I was lucky to have a wonderful friend through middle and high school named Bianca. Her mother owned a spa in Green Bay which she still runs (Body 360). Bianca invited me to the spa one day in high school and her mother waxed my out of control brows and gave me a paraffin treatment for my hands.  After that I was hooked. Manicures, pedicures, facials, steam bath treatments… Who doesn’t like getting pampered right?

Has your routine stayed the same (what steps do you have performed)?
Now that I am no longer modeling and that my schedule has become a little more hectic I go to the spa a little less often. I still go in for the occasional athletic massage, pedicure and manicure. However, after getting my last manicure a month ago, I told myself I should really make it a bi-weekly thing… especially since I ruin my hands so much working out and restoring furniture as a hobby.

Please hammer, don’t hurt him

Do you only reserve manicures for special occasions or is it part of a normal, maintenance routine?
Manicures are more of a touch-up maintenance thing for me. I don’t do it as much as I should or would like to, but it really doesn’t correlate with a special occasion. I could see where that may apply for the those people who are looking to have clear coat or color applied.

Do you have a favorite part of the service? Do you venture into paraffin, or other hand treatments?

My favorite part of a manicure really comes down to the specific spa. There is a place in Florida I go to with my sister and they include a paraffin dip and hot rock massage along with the manicure/pedicure. Did I mention they sit you down with a glass of wine as well?

I once had a back facial as well. It was incredible. To put it plainly, they essentially clean your back and give you a rockstar massage to boot.

Do your friends and family (of the male persuasion) ever join you, or go on their own?
I haven’t ventured out with any of the male figures in my own family. I have been to the spa or to a friend’s place with spa items with other male friends. Once you’re out of high school typically the teasing and metro jokes stop. Well, might be good to extend that to some of the college years. But that’s life, people prod at what they haven’t yet experienced or don’t understand.

Are you a lefty or a righty?
I’m a righty if we’re talking about dominant hands. However, you may not know that I worked 6 years at the State Capitol as a Legislative Aide, so I had to stop for a moment and guess if that was a political question.

Are you a fan of the pedicure?
Pedicures are incredible. You’ve taken something that you HAVE to do (i.e cut your toe nails) and turned it into a relaxing experience instead of something you HAVE to do. Instead someone else gets to do it, and I get a massage along with it. I’m all for that.

Would you ever try color? What color?
I have no need for colors. I am of the personal belief that men do not need colors or gloss. To each their own, but I like a good, leveled, cleaned and buffed natural nail. I once had protective gloss put on when I was younger and it just looked odd to me.

Alan is owner of Alan D. Charles Photography and looks mighty fine in a manicure.  You can follow his fanpage on Facebook.

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