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Posted by on Jul 31, 2011 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

CND: Shellac Layering: Hot Chilis

NEW! The header tab at top of the page contains swatches

Not sure if a combo is a do or do not? I’ve layered and swatched all 24 colors of Shellac to make visualization a breeze.

Looking for options? CND’s Shellac can be layered to create a near infinite number of color combinations, just like the Colours & Effects line. Keep checking back for updates. It’s taking a while to sort and crop but I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

Hot Chilis over the darker colors create beautiful eggplant.  Today was actually too bright for the best photography, but you can see the range Hot Chilis adds when layering.

Hot Chilis over Fedora

Hot Chilis over Black Pool

Hot Chilis over Masquerade

Hot Chilis over Tutti Fruitti

Hot Chilis over Tropix

Hot Chilis over Strawberry Smoothie

Hot Chilis over Rose Bud

Hot Chilis over rock Royalty

Hot Chilis over Red Baroness

Hot Chilis over Hot Pop Pink

Hot Chilis over Gotcha

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CND: Shellac Layering: Hot Chilis

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CND Shellac Layering: Iced Coral

NEW! The header tab at top of the page contains swatches

Sorry for inundating with swatches. I’d normally spread things out but I’m trying to take advantage of the holiday/down time to catch up on all of the editing.

Iced Coral is one of the prettiest Shellac colors for spring/summer and a great layering shade. It gives a bit of a peachy frost with a tinge of green. It usually softens and lightens any color you put it over, and smooths out the appearance (for example, over Iced Cappuccino). Over the different pinks and reds you get what I call sunshiney shades, and a good mix of peaches.

Iced Coral over Tropix

Iced Coral over Tutti Frutti

Iced Coral over Hot Pop Pink

Iced Coral over Gotcha

Iced Coral over Rose Bud

Iced Coral over Cappuccino

Iced Coral over Cocoa

Iced Coral over Romantique

Iced Coral over Strawberry Smoothie

Iced Coral over Black Pool
Putting Iced Coral over Rock Royalty or Fedora will have similar results. There is a slight color difference, but almost negligible.

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CND Shellac Layering: Negligee

NEW! The header tab at top of the page contains swatches

Negligee over any Shellac color is an easy way to add a bit of dimension, smooth out imperfections and create a bit of opalescense. It doesn’t fully come through in the photos, but in many of the colors, especially pink reds, they look a bit like Jolly Ranchers. Very pretty and summery.  If you are looking for a deep Shellac Blue, the Negligee over Black Pool will give you that color.


Negligee over Black Pool

Negligee over RoseBud

Negligee over Hot Pop Pink

Negligee over Gotcha

Negligee over Decadence

Negligee over Wildfire

Negligee over Masquerade

Negligee over Rock Royalty

Negligee over Cocoa

Negligee over Hollywood
Hollywood is essentially Wildfire with beautiful silver microflakes. Negligee over either looks the same.

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CND: Shellac Layering: Tutti Fruitti

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CND: Shellac Layering: Negligee

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CND: Shellac Layering: Mother of Pearl

A multitude of colors can be achieved through layering.  Here are color options using Mother of Pearl over Shellac colors.

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Shellac Layering: Mother of Pearl

NEW! The header tab at top of the page contains swatches

Not sure if a combo is a do or do not?  I’ve layered and swatched all 24 colors of Shellac to make visualization a breeze.

Looking for options? CND’s Shellac can be layered to create a near infinite number of color combinations, just like the Colours & Effects line.  I’ll be posting them in color order, starting with the glitter mix, Mother of Pearl.  Notice that this bottle contains much more glitter than the original swatch I did on first release.  Although I often custom mix, I really like this concentrated glitter effect. 

Keep checking back for updates. It’s taking a while to sort and crop but I hope you’ll find it worth the wait 🙂

Mother of Pearl over Rock Royalty

Mother of Pearl over Iced Coral

Mother of Pearl over Iced Cappucino 

Mother of Pearl over Fedora

Mother of Pearl over Black Pool

Mother of Pearl over Cream Puff

Mother of Pearl over Strawberry Smoothie

Mother of Pearl over Rose Bud

Mother of Pearl over Gotcha

Mother of Pearl over Hot Pop Pink

Mother of Pearl over Tutti Frutti

Mother of Pearl over Hot Chilis

Mother of Pearl over Tropix

Mother of Pearl over Hollywood

Mother of Pearl over Wildfire

Mother of Pearl over Red Baroness

Mother of Pearl over Decadence

Mother of Pearl over Cocoa

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Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

CND Shellac Layering: Northshore Nude

After doing *every single CND Shellac today*, and most of this week, in Cocoa with Beau layered over, I have dubbed this combo #NorthshoreNude.   Cocoa on right is beautiful as is, but Beau over it adds a layer of (as one client put it) glamour.   What’s hot in your salon?

To book your CND Shellac manicure in Milwaukee,

Updated to show, I have two Northshore Nudes, depending on skin type:

Beau over Cocoa

Iced Coral over Cocoa:

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Working with Pigments: CND’s new Additives and Shellac

A little while ago I mentioned CND Additives – a range of high grade pigments that will rock your nail world by allowing you to mix, blend, cover and just all out create with color. The distribution date is still a ways off (target: July), but I’ve been getting so many questions on how to use them I thought I’d start posting suggestions.  CND Additives are perfect for Shellac, Brisa Gel and Liquid & Powders, so I’ll do a different post for each product type to get your minds working on  to incorporate the product to your line using Shellac.  Today’s post is covering one of the easiest ways to use these pigments, and that is as a layer:

1. Create new colors through layering

Easily increase your color line with a simple wash of pigments.  Longing for summer pastels?  You can have them with Shellac and Additives.

How to create Lavender/Lilac nails

  • Create a base color using one coat of Purple Purple (cure) and one coat of Moonlight & Roses (cure).
  • Brush a thin, even coat of CND Additives Violet Pearl Pigment
  • For a lavender look, one coat is fine.  You can see in the photo below how just one layer drastically changes the base color.

For a lilac look, use two or more coats.  The more coats, the lighter your look will get.

Float your topcoat over and cure for the finish.

You like?

This is the first in a series. Check back for more ways on how to use the new CND Additives.

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CND Shellac – spring 2012 color swatches

These Six new CND Shellac colors to hit shelves March 2012

Behold, the 6 new colors from CND Shellac: Dark Lava, Rubble, Cityscape, Silver Chrome, Silver VIP Status, Gold VIP Status These are all indoor swatches I took just to get you the scoop.  I’ll be getting outdoor shots too.  What do you think of them?  The colors are going on sale in March so get your PRE-ORDERS to your distributors now!

Dark Lava

Gorgeous, jewel-toned black wine



Dove Gray

Silver Chrome

The Effects – Silver VIP Status & Gold VIP Status

Ok, so it technically isn’t an Effect (that’s reserved for the lacquer line) but it serves in the same vein.  These lovelies give a wash of glimmer over color.

Silver VIP Status

Silver VIP Status over Cityscape

I NEED to get a better photo of this one.  When we were asked for fantasy Shellac colors, one of mine was the spectacular gray called Miss Wu from the Jason Wu collection done with CND.  It’s this cool and dreamy gray with a chic pearlization to it.  By applying Silver VIP Status over Cityscape, you can achieve a very similar look.  Without, you get a great cream.  It’s fabulous to have options.

Gold VIP Status over Rubble

Again, a sleek wash that just give a perk to the color.  Can be used all over or in art.  Try it in art!

That’s it for now.  I’ll be getting more photos together for you. Any other questions or requests on the product ask away.

Fashion Week is coming up and I’ll be detailing looks for you.  For on-the-go reporting I’d love if you would “Like” my Solessence Facebook page to keep up while I’m away!  Detailed how-tos will be posted to the blog after my return (and also closer to actual season as is my norm).

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CND: Colours & Effects – Dups, Shellac

Did you know you can layer Colours & Effects to dupe your favorite CND Shellac colors?
Cream Puff Shellac

Cream Puff Dup
Brilliant White

Negligee Shellac
Negligee Dup
Cream Washed + Ice Blue Shimmer (I actually prefer this with something a little more pink)

Romantique Shellac
Romantique Dup
Frosting Cream

Tutti Frutti Shellac

Tutti Frutti Dup, Colours & Effects
Raspberry Parfait + Ice Blue Shimmer

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CND: Shellac – All Colors








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Summer/Fall 2011: Shellac Color Previews

Click here for Spring 2011 CND Shellac color releases

CND has issued a preview for the six new colors: Zillionaire, Studio White, Moonlight & Roses, Purple Purple, Asphalt, Hotski to Tchotchke

These new colors up the color choice to 30, introduce a softer white, and increase layering options.  I’m thrilled with Asphalt, a common request, is now in Shellac.

This lineup will become available in September 2011. What do you think?

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Color Swatches – CND Shellac Spring 2011- March Release

Click here for the new Fall September 2011 CND Shellac colors and here for layering options

Finally!  New CND Spring/March swatches can begin. I have seen the colors and layering options a few times over, and they are fun!  Thanks to CND I was able to provide better photos of the spring 2011 Shellac release  for you in this December post  and, as I did with the first set of Shellac, I’ll be adding actual hand watches.  These are all two coats with base and top.

I’ll continually update this page until all Shellac swatches are available.  To get you this information before the March launch, so you know what you want to order and/or try on first, I’m posting photos as I can get swatches.  They will be updated for better lighting/consistent look. Keep checking back.

Rock Royalty – the bottle is not a match. This is a plum/purple

 Black Pool – Very rich black

Hollywood – True to the bottle, and even prettier.  If you can handle a bright red, this one is flecked with metallics.  Stunning.

Iced Coral – A very useful layering color, this is also a great peach/pink with a hint of green.  I’m not the biggest fan of frosts but this one is perfect for my skintone. 

Gotcha – This bubbly pink is much brighter than the original photo but softer than last year’s Tutti Frutti. Shown with glitter

Cocoa – This is a lovely camel that serves as a really pretty base for Shellac layering or with the right skin tone as an updated neutral.

Original Cocoa photo swatch:

Decadence – This is a tough one to photograph.  It keeps popping out cherry red – I’d say the thumb is the closest in shade.  In terms of swatching, it is very similar to the CND Jason Wu collection red.  It is on the sheer side, like a jelly.  I didn’t think that was possible with Shellac.  Very, very pretty, but looks best with three coats. 









Hot Pop Pink
It doesn’t get much pinker than this! Similar to OPI’s Strawberry Margarita.

Beau – You may wonder why you are getting the color Negligee in a Romantique bottle, but wait, there are differences. Beau comes on with a bit of a violet/blue and white transparency. This alternates as a good layering and base color as well.

Clearly Pink Clearly Pink is that crystal clear with a hint of pink color many have been asking for. Although Pink & White/Traditional Frenches have been out for many years now, think of the base color used. There you have it. It makes for an extremely clean looking nail, but is a little too clear if you have any trouble spots or damaged nails. Example below shows how nice it looks on nail, and how exposed any damage will be.

Mmmm, this is one I was waiting for. It has the same richness as Red Baroness but a lot more pink. It photos a bit mottled. While it is highly pigmented, 3 coats can probably ease out any shadowing if you are having troubles. Very true to the bottle color, even a tad darker.


Mother of Pearl

Contrary to most impressions, Mother of Pearl is not a white Shellac with glitter, but a clear with glitter.  It’s very random how the glitter lays – I find multiple shakes and laying the bottle on the side helps get the glitter on the brush.  Very, very hard to photograph, you can see a pic of it overlaid on Black Pool below, as well as how it can look coming out of the bottle



This new batch of colors plus the first release brings 24 colors total, but CND’s original goal had been to have 100 by fall.  Not sure if they are still up to that but these new colors bring the a huge variety of layering options.  Here are a few:

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Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Beauty, Nails | 4 comments

CND – 2014 Discontinued Product

Read it and weep.

The list for CND discontinued products for 2014 has surfaced, and the whittling down of Shellac colors have begun.  The strangest choice?  Silver VIP, used almost daily by every tech I know, and loved by clients.  I can’t even wrap my head around how the chunky, multi-colored Zillionaire is a suitable replacement.

Moonlight & Roses and Iced Coral were both great for layering, but I’ve seen this color phased out in other lines and wonder if it is a situation with the materials needed for these types of colors.

Mother of Pearl gave a nice, small grade, multi color glitter effect.  You can find a dup in Glitter by Gel II.

Go out and grab your favorites before they are all gone.  You can see that many were phased out beginning last October, and have hit sold out status.Whatever you find at the distributor will be the dregs of the barrel.

What will you miss most?


CND Brisa Gel

  • Pure Pink Sheer 4oz
  • Soft White Opaque .5oz

CND Liquid & Powder (Acrylic)

  • Perfect Color Pure White Opaque 16oz
  • Perfect Color Powder Clear 16oz
  • Perfect Color Powder Soft White Opaque .8oz and 32oz
  • Perfect Color Powder Neutral Pink Opaque 3.7oz
  • Retention + Powder Bright White Opaque

CND Scent

  • Citrus & Green Tea 2oz
  • Lavender & Jojoba 2oz
  • Mango & Coconut 2oz
  • Tangerine & Lemongrass 2oz
  • Birch & Mint 2oz
  • Vanilla Shimmer 2oz

CND Shellac

  •  Moonlight & Roses
  • Iced Coral
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Silver VIP Status

CND Shellac Remover Wraps

  • New Design coming

CND Spa Manicure

  • Citrus Soothing Creme 2.6
  • Almond Soothing Creme 2.6
  • Cucumber Heel Therapy Display


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I Minx’d a Boy (and I Liked It) – IBS Las Vegas

My partner in Advanced Level 1 Certification at IBS Las Vegas

I had a chance to cover the International Beauty Show Las Vegas (IBS) last weekend and had a blast! Along with the many exhibitors, IBS also hosted the Nail Pro Competition, ran alongside the Esthetician tradeshow and hosted a ton of workshops on hair, nail, beauty, business.  Most were offered at no additional charge with price of admission, but a few also extended out to more-indepth training.

One class I couldn’t pass up was a Minx Nails workshop with Naja. She was the first manicurist to apply the patterned, full nail covering called Minx that offers the only true metallic for nails. Naja now does Minx for Fergie, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, the list goes on. She knows her stuff. 

She also released her own line of Minx at the show – behold the board that was pretty much sold out by the time I came back.

She gave a great talk on a mix of the business, then application side of Minx and mentioned she was giving a certification class that evening.  A chance to get hands-on training with The Naja?  I did not plan for this at all, but I just had to attend.  Had to attend. Especially since the new lace styles and more are ideal for layering over Shellac. It’s a complimentary match made in heaven.
The training room was decked out. I was so sad my pinkie was not already done so I could flash it when eating my cucumber sandwich.

Hey everyone – it’s Lucien from @MinxNailsDotCom

Although I’d had a lot of foreplay with Minx (I’ve even got a little hoarder stash of patterns I’ve purchased in the past), this was the first time I’d gone all the way. I was totally hooked.

Not only was Naja there, but Lisa Logan (Beyonce’s Minxacurist) also co-trained. Check out her line of Minx patterns and see Bey on the cover of W this month with a fab set.
Naja, Lisa – in fact it seemed like the entire crew was there, including founders.

It was 3 good hours and I am really glad I did it. I was right back to work the next day and two clients BEGGED for what they saw on my hand. I caved on the second and gave her a Minx pedicure. She’s wearing it with a gold and silver dress for Saturday. I have to say it looked pretty amaze.

Minx is available in around 240 patterns, and I’ve been Minxing away. Education is crucial for any product, and you can’t go wrong taking a session or two with Minx.  Check out the site and have fun.

Thanks to Nokia & Elle (style correspondent event), I was able to capture many of the conference photos on the gorgeous new Nokia N8 in this spectacular pink. Much love to Southwest Airlines & Journal-Sentinel for getting me there and back.

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Sneak Peak: Minx Naja Rickett line to debut at IBS Las Vegas

Minx mistress Naja Rickett of Nail Talk Radio (she got Minx on Lady Gaga for several occassions) is coming out with her own designer line of Minx!  This follows the heels of Lisa Logan’s geometric launch, and is one of four nail artists Minx is featuring.  Rickett’s line is to debut at IBS Las Vegas , and she’s got some exciting layering options specifically for CND Shellac to go with the new looks.  Check back here for the rest of the previews closer to showtime, but for now I just have to say I LOVE this art deco look on Ke$ha:

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Hot trend: CND Sunshine at Your Fingertips

Looking for a little sunshine?  Oranges are one of the hottest colors of the season!  Even if we don’t have a lot of warmth in the skies just yet, you can get little rays of lights on your nails.  Try this gorgeous combination in CND’s color range with the layering technique:

  • Prep nail, use basecoat (I love CND Stickey)
  • Add two layers of CND Colours & Effects in Electric Orange
  • Add thin, even layer of CND Colours & Effects in Gold Pearl
  • Finish with Top Coat

The result is a soft, shimmery, tangerine-ish glow that is complimentary and a wide range of skin tones.  It makes you look tan, it looks radiant and rich, and it tones down a full-blown orange for those a little too timid to make a full step into the trend.

 You can also recreate this in CND Shellac using two coats of Tropix and one thin coat of Iced Coral for a look that will last at least two weeks.  Enjoy!

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